2011 Bangkok Motor Show: Charges Ahead!

Light, sound and vroom?

That’s practically what you can expect from Bangkok Motor Show (BMS) held recently in Impact Exhibition Center in Muangthong Thani, Bangkok. From everyday city car to exotic gasp-inducing luxury sports car, this huge exhibition encompassed everything that will satisfy even the most stringent car enthusiast out there. With its aptly titled theme of “Discovery, a New Innovation”, this world class event promised something new and exciting for each of its patrons. From the design of the venue to the car exhibited and from gentle touches of interior lighting to the music used; this show splashed new waves of experience waiting for eager patrons to soak in.

PR Lighting’s PR XLED 590 played an integral role in providing soft lighting touches to enhance the cars’ appeal to highlight these speed monsters’ best side in the exhibition. The moving yoke LED color wash fixture were used in various booths including the booth of giant luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz and BMW; Japan manufacturer, Mitsubishi and household US automobile maker, Chevrolet.

The lighting fixtures for Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet’s booth were installed by one of Thailand’s most reputable stage lighting rental company – Light Source Co., Ltd. The whole set-up by the said company was nothing short of the industry standard of excellence. PR Lighting was also fixed in the booth of prominent car maker BMW and Mitsubishi by AV System Co., Ltd and PM Center Co., Ltd respectively.

“With the inclusion of energy saving LEDs in this year’s show, we hope to send out a “Go Green” message to all the people out there. Plus, in order to save energy, the organizer also outlined a “two units of luminaries/car” guideline for all exhibitors. With the world automobile trend shifting towards the hybrid and electric cars, we hope a similar direction is lined out in the stage lighting industry as well. However, we are definitely not compromising quality and performance for environmental concern. The reliable XLED 590 is as good as it comes, performing inexorably under different conditions or scenarios. It’s one of the most trustworthy systems for a huge event like this,” explained the Managing Director of Light Source, Mr. Norasate Somboonwong.

Somboonwong, or Joe as he is more fondly known, gave away an infectious energy and enthusiasm in the way he converse. Always the one who speaks his mind, Joe is not the one to hold back on anything – whether in life or in his business decision. But beneath this chipper and lighthearted exterior, Joe is a steadfast and decisive business runner. Managing a rental company under a turbulent environment is not an easy task – and not for anyone who views challenges as a gate of determent to success. For example, Joe was only allocated a day by the organizer, to set up all of their equipments. Working in tight and unpredictable schedule may be part of his everyday’s job, but he learned to overcome this predicament and made it his edge. Most importantly, Joe gives a very high priority to his customers’ request or demand. “It’s all about giving the best to your customers. That’s my motto when it comes to business. Besides that, I also have a deep respect for my staff. I find that staff and manager are the same. With 25 years of experience, I know what the most important asset for the business is”

Joe believes the same goes to his trusty distributor, Acoustic & Lighting System (Thailand). “Mr. Solos (The sales consultant for Joe) was such a great help in helping me to select and customizing the right system. He also took care of all my needs and requirements diligently. Now, that’s what I call a good service,” exclaimed Joe with a smile

“I actually encountered PR Lighting by chance in an exhibition in China. I saw their presentation and demonstration and I was blown away by its precision and brightness.  For me, when I look for a luminary, I will look for its mechanical components, which includes its size, light output, mechanic, power supply and weight. Factors like price and brand are of second consideration for me. Besides that, PR Lighting also allowed some degree of customization to my XLEDs. For example, the normal XLED comes with no clamp, but due to my work experience I feel that a handle/clamp is necessary for the convenience of my workers. Thus, all of my units come equipped with clamps. And I also requested for a 4 unit rack kit instead of the standard 2 units. This freedom of customization, plus its portability and multi-purpose value, is what determined my selection for BMS”

“With tight deadline, the pressure was undeniably intense and overbearing, but thankfully I had a group of dependable and efficient team with me. Most importantly, we had a set of really reliable and effective equipments. As a result, we didn’t have the chance to encounter any difficulties in setting up and configuring all the XLED 590s. They are extremely portable and setting up is definitely not an issue for us. The head is 10.5 inches (267mm) in diameter and the unit stands 13-7/8 inches (353mm) high with the head focused straight up. The base is 12-3/4 inches (350mm) wide by 9-9/16 inches (243mm) deep and the fixture weighs 24.25 pounds (11kg).For comparison, there’s another booth (in BMS) that utilizes another brand of LED luminaries. I find their effect and overall presentation lackluster and far from perfect. Thus, in my opinion, I think it all boils down to the core performance of the equipment and not some secondary factors like price

Setting up may not be an issue but there was another resounding predicament that they had to face. “For BMS, we have to continuously utilize the XLED 590 for 10 hours a day and for 14 days. We need a luminary that has low power consumption, high efficacy in lumens per watt, emits low heat and long lifespan. Thankfully, I found all these in 590 – it possesses every quality of these and more – and I couldn’t be gladder. To prove my point, I have utilized the same XLED 590 to support the legendary Thailand rock band, Carabou in their tour around Thailand.  With 100 shows lining up, the system needs to be extremely portable and durable. This is going to be quite a MEGA event in the local music scene – and I’m glad Light Source and PR Lighting are a part of this historic moment. And, right as we are speaking, my crews are actually setting up another set of XLED 590s for the popular Korean heartthrob group, JYJ. It’s going to be another magnificent and memorable international act concert!”

In addition to PR Lighting, RCF sound system also graced the show with its impactful power and clear sound reproduction. Utilizing the reliable Acustica C5215L for Suzuki booth is a clear choice for K.S. Light & Sound Co., Ltd. as it effortlessly channeled out the raw and free-spirited energy of Suzuki’s brand.   RCF is definitely a suitable choice for an event like BMS. It is powerful and sharp enough to draw attendees’ attention in BMS’ labyrinth sea of sight, sound and colors.

“With the success of this show, Light Source is warranted with the opportunity to participate in next year’s show as well! Thus, you won’t be waving goodbye to PR Lighting anytime soon!” And with that, we are pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of PR Lighting and RCF for many events to come!

Equipments Supplied:

Mercedes Benz – PR Lighting – PR-XLED590(PR-8100)

Chevrolet – PR Lighting – PR-XLED590(PR-8100)

BMW – PR Lighting – PR-XLED590(PR-8100)

Suzuki Motorcycle – RCF – Acustica C5215L

Mitsubishi – PR Lighting – PR-XL1200(PR-2910M)

Stage performance by JYJ (Boy Band) – PR Lighting – PR-XLED590(PR-8100)

For more information regarding PR Lighting and RCF’s products, please visit www.pr-lighting.com/ and http://www.rcf.it/homepage respectively.

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