A Kaleidoscopic Feast of Lights and Sounds

A Kaleidoscopic Feast of Lights and Sounds

Citrawarna, a Malay word that combines the meaning and definition of personality and colors, is literally what it is – a celebration that showcases the personalities and cultures of Malaysia through the use of dance, music, cultural feast and of course, vibrant colors. Held annually in the iconic Dataran Merdeka, this event is aimed to promote and celebrate the elegance and beauty of Malaysian culture, and to provide a colorful boost to the tourism industry. This event marked another milestone for the country as 100,000 audiences flooded Dataran Merdeka on the 19th of May 2012 to celebrate and to catch a glimpse of this exciting and inspiring event.

This year, Mubari Nasuha Sound & Light Sdn. Bhd. was selected again to be the rental for this breathtaking event.  When met, Mr. Siswa Azmi Mohd. Mubari gleefully imparted his comments on the event, “We at Mubari are absolutely over the moon to be chosen as a part of Citrawarna 2012!  This year, we provided both the sound and lighting components for this mega event. We always reserved the best for Citrawarna, and this year, it is of no exception as well. That is why Clay Paky Sharpy, RCF TTL-55A and RCF TTL-33A are the selected ones for this event. I especially loved the sound and impact of RCF TTL-55A! Very powerful and reliable, this system is a natural choice for this event. If you listen to the impact, not the explicit sound, but the impact of TTL-55A, your heart will be challenged to take a ride in the wild stimulating side!  That, for me, is the true power of this monster.”

He further commented, “For a huge event like this, the aesthetic aspect is of the paramount importance. They demand colorful, vibrant and lively lights to complement the whole theme and image. Clay Paky Sharpy will always have a special place in me. Its responsiveness, agility and sharpness are things that could not be matched even by its closest competitor. That is why, I always believe in Sharpy to perform and get the job done for me. My Sharpys have been travelling all over the countries, lighting up various prestigious events and celebrations. I’m proud of my Sharpy, I can tell you that, and I’m always glad we made the right decision.”

For this event, we have used a total of combination of 120 units of Clay Paky Sharpy, Beam 700 and Beam 300. When it comes to sound; 8 cabinets of RCF TTS-56A, 12 cabinets of RCF TTL-55A, an estimated 30 cabinets of TTL-33A and 16 cabinets of TTS-28A, and 8 units of both RCF TT-22A and TT-25A were deployed to perfection.

With splashes of vibrant colors and a burst of cultural music, Citrawarna will always remain a part of every Malaysian in this country. Its theme, aesthetic appeal and participants will always reflect the deeply rooted Malaysian values and cultures: harmony, tolerance and respect for each other in a multiracial society.

Equipments supplied by: Mubari Nasuha Sound & Light Sdn. Bhd.

Equipments supplied:

1)      120 units (combination) of Clay Paky Sharpy, Beam 700, Beam 300

2)      8 Cabinets of RCF TTS-56A

3)      12 Cabinets of RCF TTL-55A (Demo by Mr. Azlan Abdollah)

4)      Estimated 30 Cabinet of RCF TTL-33A

5)      Estimated 16 Cabinet of RCF TTS-28A

6)      Estimated 30 units of PR Moving Head

7)      8 units of RCF TT-22A

8)      8 units of RCF TT-25A