A Rock and Rolling Adventure

A Rock and Rolling Adventure

Located beside a great blue lake, the National Museum of Geology stood like an adamant rock on the scarce landscape of the beautiful Pathum Thani Province. To anticipate the wave of local and foreign tourists, and for the convenience of the visitors and the staff there, this educational and information-packed venue is armed with a range of reliable and functional sound reinforcement and public address system.

Installed by Acoustic & Lighting System (Thailand) Co., Ltd. – one of the most reputable sound system, stage lighting and rigging installer and distributor in Thailand – this museum is equipped with all the right equipments for all its varied usage. According to Ms. Pariwan Samerjai, “We are very honored to be a part of such a huge and significant project. For this museum, we want to provide a sound system with high clarity in its sound reproduction, and a reliable and user-friendly PA system. There couldn’t be a clearer choice for each of the category – RCF & Inter-M jumped to our minds immediately!”

Installed inside various part of the museum, each individual system plays their own individual role to achieve a cohesive and balanced outcome, that is, a clear and smooth sound reproduction system that enhances visitor’s experience. “They have different exhibit in different part of the museum, so we cannot standardize the delivery of sound reproduction in all these parts. We need to consider the requirements and the conditions of each section before deciding on a particular system for it,” added Samerjai.

“At the end, the people from the museum are very pleased with the whole outcome. For us, the installer, that’s what matters the most,” said Samerjai with a smile.

Equipments supplied:


2 units of RCF C-5212 two-way loudspeaker

2 units of RCF S-8028 compact, high-output bass reflex subwoofer

4 units of C-5215 two-way loudspeaker system

2 units of RCF HC-3200 stereo power amplifier

1 unit of RCF HC-2000 stereo power amplifier

38 units of RCF DM-61 compact two-way speaker

2 units of RCF C-3108 full range 2-way passive system

1 unit of RCF MSW-8 12 ” subwoofer

18 units of RCF MQ-50C ceiling monitor loudspeaker

9 units of RCF MQ-90S 8” subwoofer

6 units of RCF PL-6X ceiling speaker

16 units of RCF ART-310A 10″ Active Reference Speaker.

8 units of RCF DM-41 compact two way speaker

2 units of RCF ART-705A compact high output active subwoofer

2 units of RCF DX-4008 4 input – 8 output digital loudspeaker management system


1 unit of Inter-M PC-9335AD Dual Cassette Deck

17 units of Inter-M EQ-2131 Mono 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

9 units of Inter-M PAM-340A 340W mixer amplifier

7 units of Inter-M EQ-2231 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalize

2 units of Inter-M L-1800 amplifier

2 units of Inter-M LM-9414 line mixer

6 units of Inter-M PA-6000A 240W mixer amplifier

3 units of Inter-M PA-4000A 120W mixer amplifier

3 units of Inter-M PA-2000A 60W mixer amplifier

6 units of Inter-M PAM-120A 120W mixer amplifier

2 units of Inter-M PAM-480A 480W mixer amplifier


1 unit of Allen & Heath GL-2400 compact,  4 group, 6 aux, 7×4 matrix console

2 units of Sennheiser HD-280 professional headphone

1 unit of Alto Terminator II 24 Bit Automatic Feedback