Acoustic & Lighting System Introduces RCF HDL 50-A

Acoustic & Lighting System Introduces RCF HDL 50-A

Malaysia / Thailand – The time has come for RCF’s HDL 50-A to make its appearance in Thailand and Malaysia. The long awaited pristine line array product which made a huge impact in countries finally arrived in Thailand and Malaysia. The built up anticipation and hype in the audio visual community for this majestic beast has finally been quenched. With months of planning, Acoustic & Lighting System Malaysia and Thailand together with RCF organized two spectacular events across two nations. An event that is as one of Acoustic & Lighting System Malaysia and Thailand (A&L) largest event for the year.

Acoustic & Lighting System Thailand hosted the event on 14th September 2016 followed by Acoustic & Lighting System Malaysia on 20thSeptember 2016. Held in one of Bangkok’s famous exhibition location, Impact Muang Thong Thani. The venue provided a large open area which was suitable for A&L to showcase the power of RCF’s HDL 50-A. Hand-picked by Veera, A&L’s Thailand Branch Manager who himself was excited for the event. “It was definitely something to look forward for. We wanted to provide the best we can for our clients and guests. The location for the live sound demonstration is the key point of the event. At the end of the day, the clients would want to hear the quality of the sound themselves. The venue distance was appropriate for the line arrays to throw the sound,” commented Veera. As for the Malaysian audience, A&L decided to host it at the Desa Park Lakeside parking space. Similar to Thailand, the distance for the speakers to throw was appropriate.

After weeks of planning and preparation it all comes down to the final hours before the D-day. Crew from various party finalizing the outdoor stage equipment, mounting of line arrays up the truss systems as the time gate closes in. All was worth it as the installation and fixtures were in place and in order. Smiles and laughter were seen among crew members as they dispersed for a brand new day ahead. As sound and lighting engineers conducted their very last configuration, the event began with the opening speech from none other than Lars Yoshiyama RCF Sales Manager. “It’s a pleasure to be able to stand here today in Thailand and to introduce one of the latest RCF line array series,” commented Lars. As Lars concluded his speech, Lucio Boiardi; RCF Product Specialist – Audio Pro took the stage by providing the technical information on RDnet’s configuration and speakers specifications. Attendees were given in-depth understanding on the angles and the optimum configuration needed to create a harmonious and effective sound system.

As Lucio and Lars finalized their speech and presentation, the anticipation among the crowd grew as they waited patiently to experience the true power of the elegant and stylish design, HDL 50-A. There it was the HDL 50-A line array gracefully hung on the truss system. The crowd excitement could be seen through their facial expressions as they gathered around the speakers, taking images and began discussing among themselves. For audio junkies and industry players it was definitely a great eye opener to witness the elegant design of the HDL 50-A.

What caught Thailand’s attendees by surprise was the fact that not only HDL 50-A was used in the live demonstration but also the other RCF line array products on display. With a total of 5 speaker towers on both sides of the main stage, the event was definitely extravagant. There were 12 units of HDL 50-A, 12 units of HDL 20-A, 12 units of TTL 33-A, 12 units of TTL 55-A and 12 units of NXL 33-A on display. As great as the line arrays, A&L Thailand also prepared a stunning line of RCF subwoofers. A total of 32 Subwoofers were on display with 6 units of SUB 8006-AS, 6 units of TTS 56-A, 12 units of SUB 8004-AS and 8 SUB 9007-AS. Not lacking in power, A&L Malaysia continued the hype left in Thailand with a total of 12 units of HDL 50-A and 12 units of HDL 20-A accompanied by 8 units of SUB 9007-AS and 8 units of SUB 8006-AS.

As the attendees settled down, Lucio who had been working with RCF since 2010 began his live sound demonstration with the help of RCF RDnet system and the sound console. Being a RCF product specialist mainly line arrays, Lucio emphasizes the importance of setting up the speakers with the RDnet. “One of the new features in HDL 50-A is the RDnet. It is very important for sound engineers to setup the line arrays with the help of RDnet and RCF software. A proper installation and configuration will result in excellent sound reproduction that can throw for a long distance. As for the HDL 50-A, with proper installation and configuration, I believe it can throw for up to 80 to 90 meters with excellent sound,” commented Lucio. “I find it important and great to have these kind of events and live demonstrations. I have audience coming up to me seeking advice on speaker setups, configurations and technical guidance, which I was more than happy to share my knowledge with them. With these live demonstrations, I believe we will be able to share not only RCF products but the knowledge needed for sound engineers,” commented Lucio on the importance of these events.

As the event came to its final hour, attendees who had experienced the live demonstration had one final feast for their ears as a local band performed on stage with the help of the HDL 50-A. With many attendees commenting that “It’s really powerful,” it was definitely a success for A&L and RCF. “We wanted the attendees to experience the quality of the speakers for themselves without distortion or influence by others,” commented Veera, A&L Thailand’s Branch Manager. “For me the event was a huge success as I watch my guest being satisfied by what they were listening to,” continued Veera.