Acoustic & Lighting System Presents Alto and Sennheiser Showcase

Acoustic & Lighting System Presents Alto and Sennheiser Showcase

Acoustic & Lighting recently held a special event showcasing the true versatility of the usage and functionality of both the Alto speakers and Sennheiser wireless microphones. Unfolded in the lushly Bukit Kemuning Golf Club and Country Resort in Shah Alam , Malaysia, the event drew a huge crowd that consisted mainly of distributors, retailers as well as rental and staging companies across Malaysia.

Presenting on behalf of Alto, Rich Curtis, the spokesperson for the company, whipped up an engrossing and informative demonstration session on the different functionalities and applications on various models of speakers of Alto.  Two models stood out particularly in the eyes of the audiences.

Audience was caught off guard by the versatility of the iPA Music System from Alto. The 400 watt powered speaker for iPad is suitable for home, club or even event market. Extremely intuitive, users simply select the music from their iPad library to play on the speakers. Crystal clear sound and seamless compatibility are the name of the game for this hefty device. The system also comes with an integrated universal Dock for iPad and an internal power amplifier as well as an Alto professional ADM10 cardiod microphone with a 10’ cable.

Not losing out the steam was the Alto TRUESonic Wireless Series. The system offers a unique system of wireless connectivity through its two reliable models namely: TS115, an 800 watt 2-way 15” speaker and the TS112 800 watt 2-way 12” speaker. For an enhanced fluid compatibility with Bluetooth technology, the system also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth A2DP wireless technology that makes music streaming from other devices an ease of mind. Curtis took the time to demonstrate this very function by streaming music from an iPhone from a few metres away.

The Sennheiser session saw a showcase from the XS wireless systems which provides users an entry into the wireless landscape with competitive pricing be it for instruments, head-worn microphone or clip-worn microscope.

The event ended with an exciting lucky draw event where one lucky winner walked away with the Alto iPA Music System.