A&L brings the spotlight on Alto products

A&L brings the spotlight on Alto products

Malaysia – Acoustic and Lighting System (A&L) held their very own Alto Product Showcase event for three consecutive days. Launched with the goal to bring awareness towards Alto Product range, the showcase was opened to the public for free. “We felt that there is a necessity in creating such a showcase. Although Alto is a world-recognized brand, however we find that there is still a room to promote such affordable professional sound system brand like Alto. Based on that, we decided to go with the plan we had” said by one of A&L’s marketing team.

The showcase launched on the 29th of September till 1st of October 2015 saw a great crowd throughout the showcase. Speaker and A&L’s sales representative, Azlan took the showcase seriously as he displayed his personalized and illustrative slides. These slides accompanied by descriptive videos allowed the audience to grasp each speaker’s information with much ease. Azlan began the session with a brief introduction on Alto products before proceeding further into each Alto product series. The TX Series were the first series to be introduced. Designed with the Truesonic in mind, the TX series shows similarities with the Truesonic but in a more affordable pricing. Come in 4 sizes – 8”, 10”, 12” and 15”, built-in handles and fitted with steel grille, the TX series were design for portability and durability. As Azlan illustrated these speakers, the audience were able to personally hear each speaker’s performance.

The Truesonic Series were next to take the center stage as the session proceeded. Built with efficiency as its strong point, the Truesonic drivers are able to produced clearer and louder sound with 800 watts at its peak. What makes Truesonic loudspeaker series even more convenient aside from being manageable in weight, the TS112 and TS115 has wireless connectivity. User would just need to download the Alto Live Drive app on their tablets or smartphone to control the loudspeakers configuration via Bluetooth. As the sound technician turn up the volume, the audience were able to listen to the sound produced by each of these speakers. Additionally, they were able to get their hands on experience trying out the wireless functions.

The showcase continued with the introduction of the Alto Black Series. The Alto Black Series, one of the higher range and premium speakers Alto have produced. Just like their name, its jet black coloured grille and body brings out the sense of premium design. The audience soon realize that the Black 15” were being used throughout the showcased as Azlan introduces the pair of speakers. As the volume turns up, the audiences were impressed by the sound quality of the Black Series. Additionally, all Black Series were built with wireless connectivity that can be controlled with the Live Drive app. “I am amused by the sound quality that the Black Series produce. Being a sound technician myself, I have been to various speaker showcases and I have to say that the sound quality is on par with other high range speaker brands.” said one of the audience.

The showcase ended with an open floor discussion, where audience were given the chance to test on each speaker and equipment such as TMX160dfx personally. One of the audiences also shared “Overall, I did not regret attending this showcase. I was hesitating before this due to the haze condition, but I’m glad I made the right decision to come. Exposing myself to another professional speaker brand, provided me with a wider option to choose from when I plan an event”. Azlan, the sales representative that showed much excitement in presenting Alto products for all three days “I am glad that I could share my experience and knowledge with the public, hopefully the next showcase will have the similar outcome”.