A&L ETC Open Day 2017

A&L ETC Open Day 2017

MALAYSIA – On 30th April 2017, Acoustic & Lighting System together with ETC organized an ETC Lighting Fixture Open Day Event at Nexus Connexion located at Bangsar South City. ETC lighting fixture is a prominent brand in the industry, known for its product capabilities for theatre lighting, environment lighting and architectural lighting. “Technology advancement is something we cannot neglect and stop, it is a process that keeps on growing. It is our decision to either adapt to the changes or ignore them. Here at Acoustic & Lighting System and ETC, we adapt and embrace change. This is why we organize such an event. The purpose is to bring awareness to the public on the latest lighting fixture technology as well as to introduce ETC products,” commented Michelle, A&L’s Business Development Assistant Manager.

“The Shift to SSL and LEDs – Redefining Colour Rendering Standards” was the theme for the open day which acknowledges the change in the lighting industry. “South Korea was our first destination. It was interesting to see a great crowd attend the event. Many of the audience voiced up their concerns on LED lighting fixtures. It was an interactive session,” commented Alan, ETC’s Regional Sales Manager. “Our guest speaker, Mike Wood did a splendid presentation, approaching the audience with a debate on how LED redefines standards,” continued Alan.

“Everyone around the world has the same concern and issues regarding the changes in the industry from iridescent to LED lighting. So it was great to come to Malaysia and be asked the exact same question I get from New York and Australia,” Mike Wood, Partner of Mike Wood Consulting LLC was fascinated by the audience in Malaysia. He also mentioned that he is very lucky to be able to witness the technology change in lighting. “We are reaching the point where LEDs will become the standard lighting. I want to see the technology advances to the point where you don’t have to jump too many hoops to get what you want, we are nearly there,” commented Mike Wood displaying his passion for the industry.

Aside from the presentation, David Hilton, ETC’s Product Marketing Manager gave his very own presentation on ETC’s ColorSource product and the development of LEDs in the industry. “ETC product development strategy will fully embrace a future of LED products. We are going to not only expand our LED products but to continue develop the products we have, a generational update,” commented David. Not only did the audience gain knowledge in LED products and the current lighting standards, they were also given live demonstration on ColorSource product that were on showcase during the event. Among the product, the ETC CS40 lighting console was one of the most talked about at the event. With features such as 4 configurable sliders, non-intensity parameter control and cue list record as well as playback functions, it was capable of handling any theatre lighting fixtures. In addition, ETC CS SPOT CE, ETC CSPAR XLR LED CE and various SourceFour were also presented.

“Acoustic & Lighting System team was great, the event was executed the way it should be and the response was great,” mentioned David. “There were many who enquired on the products that were showcased. It was really a place where people shared information,” praised David. In David’s closing remark, he informed the crowd that ETC will be developing more control systems and more ways for designers to manipulate the lights. What we see now are just the tip of an ice berg.