Bringing disguise To A Whole New Level

Bringing disguise To A Whole New Level

Singapore / Thailand – disguise, one of South East Asia’s leading organization in 3D projection mapping and media software/hardware, underwent an organization rebranding in early December. The word “disguise” found to be seemingly appropriate for the organization value proposition – 3D projection mapping capable of disguising various surface into a stunning 3D effect. “As our product continue to reach out to the heart of the world’s biggest corporate events, concert tours, theatre, opera, broadcast, fixed installs and film projects, we wanted a name that was suitable as a tech brand and a cultural brand we’re growing into. Disguise is a neutral word that’s not trying to sell you an idea or an emotion. It’s open-ended, so it’s determined by our community who shape how our products are used. The word disguise better represents the way we tell their story. We announced the new name on the first day of LDI and the reaction was been positive. Its been an exciting year for our team and community. We have also rebranded our look and feel which included a brand new website. Any change can take a period of adjustment time, but we are still the same company at heart as we grow, we’re even more focused to maintain the same values that got us here, offering the same level of support and innovation.” commented one of disguise’s representative.

On 12th December 2017, Acoustic & Lighting System (“A&L”) supported by Vibanti Pte Ltd hosted a disguise networking session in Vibanti’s studio located at Bendemeer Road, Singapore. The studio was filled with approximately 30 intrigued guests who were fascinated with the 3D projection mapping on the car model. Eugene Yeo, A&L’s Singapore General Manager started of the networking session with a simple introduction and opening speech for the event followed by RonyXu, Vibanti studio. Both were filled with enthusiasm to showcase disguise latest product and their collaborations as they introduce Kevin Li, Technical Sales Manager APAC from disguise.

Kevin Li, assured the audience that name change will not change its term of services and innovation. The organization’s goals and plans are consistent with what they have initially planned. The all new disguise will continue to maintain its product quality and services for its clients. In addition to the speeches, the audience were fascinated with one of disguise’s latest product – the gx range which was launched earlier in 2017 and took home the Live Design Award for ‘Best Debuting Product Projection’ and PLSN Gold Star award for Best New Media Server. “Singapore being an extremely influential in the South East Asia region, we are very excited to announce the new name for the company in the APAC region for the very first time here. Seeing there is a great potential for the fixed install market here, we believe that the gx range can fulfill the community’s high demand by bringing in generative content and create more incredible experiences for clients,” said Kevin Li.

Slick and elegant in design much like every other disguise product, the gx 1 made its entrance into the market. The 10kg 2U 19″ rack mount gx 1 is disguise’s new product with unrivalled combination of power, size and affordability. Designed to help creative and technologists push the boundaries of live show design, offering Gold support for Notch and a 2-year Notch playback license, the gx range is being used on some of the biggest and most complicated shows around the globe. Equipped with 2x 80GB SSD (internal system drive, restore drive) and 2TB SSD the gx 1 is capable of storing a large amount of data. With 16GB DDR4 RAM and Xeon Quad-Core 3.7Ghz, the gx 1 enables real-time rendering. The gx 1 allows real-time generative content that not many product in the industry is capable off. Kevin Li, mentioned that the gx 1 will definitely play an important role in the future or rather current media industry. Aside from the gx1, disguise also displayed their well recognized products such as the 2×2 plus and 4×4 plus which were both well recognized for its performance and durability. Throughout the event, attendees were given an eye opening experience they were able to have real time demonstration of disguise products and more in-depth information on its capabilities. A 3D model car was placed in the event venue to demonstrate disguise 3D projection mapping capabilities.

With the day completed in Singapore, A&L together with disguise representatives and Avolites representative – William Cheng, Sales Engineer for APAC, traveled to their next destination, Thailand for a two-day event in Bangkok with 14th December specifically opened for only SAE representatives. The focus on the seminar is to introduce on Visual Control – where Lighting Console and Media Server work as one system. SAE Institute known for their audio visual courses collaborated with A&L to host the event in Zen World Building, Bangkok. “Having SAE Institute permission to use their facilities was definitely something we appreciate,” commented Veera, A&L’s Thailand Branch Manager. On 15th December 2017, the event was opened to the industry peers from all around Thailand with one goal – to witness disguise and Avolites product capabilities and applications. With approximately 70 guest attending the event, the event played a huge role in getting disguise into the Thailand market. “We have been hearing a lot about d3 (now disguise) in the market, it is good to finally able to see the product in person. It is indeed a great product,” said one of the attendees. “We felt accomplished; we came with the intention of introducing disguise to the Thailand market, and the responses were great. Avolites is no stranger to the local market, our intention is also to demonstrate how Avolites and disguise is a powerful combination as a Visual Control system,” commented Eugene Yeo. All ends well, with a casual question and answer session along with live demonstration of disguise product range.