CHAMSYS Debuts in @Live Kuala Lumpur

CHAMSYS Debuts in @Live Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia – ChamSys, the professional lighting console maker from England, has finally made its way to our shore through an exciting event in the famous @live club in Kuala Lumpur. After whipping its magic in Lion City, Singapore, CHAMSYS continued its conquer into the region by stepping foot in Malaysian market. Organized jointly by Acoustic & Lighting System and SLT Asia, the event aimed to widen a solid exposure to the brand by bringing together many lighting professionals, experts and enthusiasts of the field from this region.

Sebastien Jurkowski from ChamSys, kicked off the event with a presentation of the company history and background. He then imparted, with an interactive demonstration session, the features and functionality of the line of ChamSys products such as MagicQ console to the inspired crowds. “This is clearly a very lively session. The crowds were thirsting for more and we have certain level of confidence that ChamSys wouldn’t disappoint them in any way possible. With ChamSys, we know we are giving the best for people who ask for it,” explained Jurkowski after the event.

The MagicQ console is practically a complete standalone solution. Under its wing, products range from the compact MQ100 with 10 physical playbacks, to the MQ300 with 58 playbacks. There is a MagicQ solution to satisfy most of your needs.

Member of the audience was curious and they could be seen requesting for more information regarding the user-friendliness of the system, and as well imparting comment regarding the futuristic functionality of it. Most of the questions also targeted on the applications as audience were eager to know how they can benefit from and apply MagicQ to their line of work and customers.

With high number of feedbacks, MagicQ is exceptionally easy to use and very suitable for the market.

The four-hour event ended at 5 p.m.