CHAMSYS Whips Its Magic In Singapore.

CHAMSYS Whips Its Magic In Singapore.

Singapore – CHAMSYS may not be a familiar moniker to the lighting professionals in this region, but across the sea, CHAMSYS is renowned for its innovativeness and creativity in bringing new standards and developments to the stagnant lighting console industry.

Determined and eager to bring their ideas and concepts to South East Asia, CHAMSYS appointed SLT Asia as a distributor for their products in this region to reach out to the group of professional lighting designers, programmers and the whole market in general. Acoustic & Lighting System, a respected distributor of sound and lighting equipment in the same region, in turn provides a helping hand and collaborative efforts to SLT Asia to realize CHAMSYS’ objectives and aims.

Held on the 23rd April 2012 in TAB SINGAPORE along the iconic Orchard Road, this seminar was attended by 30 players within the industry. Although varied in position and expertise, all of them came with one thing in common – the urge and eagerness to catch a glimpse and witness the hype and actual functionalities of CHAMSYS.

With the objective of reaching the ultimate reliable performance, this seminar was designed to display the current functionalities and varied performance standard of the two models – MQ 200 and MQ 100 + playback wing functionality. The seminar was delivered knowledgably by Sebastien Jurkowski, a respected figure among the lighting industry. In 2008, Jurkowski was invited to South East Asia as a lighting consultant for Zouk Club. Since then, he has remained a constant figure in the local scene with his involvement in stage and lighting design such as @live Group Malaysia, Hennesy Artistry, G Circuit, Zouk Fest 2012 and more.

In this seminar, he touched on topics such as the common problems faced by lighting programmers, the many solutions posed by CHAMSYS, the functionalities, technical aspects, the various past project references and also future outlook for the company.

With strong hardware design and unique positioning by utilizing software developers that doubled as lighting designers, CHAMSYS successfully established themselves as a serious industry player within 5 years. CHAMSYS’ mission is to deploy the latest technology to bring head-turning developments to the lighting console market with the ultimate aim of high performance and eliminating the barriers and obstacles associated with traditional consoles.

With this event, CHAMSYS aimed to lift the barriers of old console system by introducing the faster and more effective consoles to encourage higher efficiency in the output. And evidently, participants echoed the hopes and objectives of this event. Many of the participants commented on the user-friendliness of the consoles. According to one of the lighting designers who refused to be named, “If you want my opinion, I think this product is rather user friendly. This actually carries a lot of weight. In this fast-paced industry, time is of the essence. The easier and more user friendly a product is, the higher the reliability and effectiveness associated with it. And of course, it can save plenty of time as well!”

“Patching of luminaries media rerun is much easier and faster than my existing console. I see a lot of potential in this console. A very power-packed machine indeed,” added another participant.

If the lighting console you have in your inventory is showing sign of bruises from the constant beating of time, CHAMSYS may just have the right solution for you. It is after all, a magical touch for all your lighting console needs.