Clay Paky Unprecedented Presence In South East Asia

Clay Paky Unprecedented Presence In South East Asia

A description or a conversation about Clay Paky would be incomplete without a mention of its precise movement, bright strong beams or agile flexibility. In this industry, it is common to see adjectives like amazing, swift and unbelievable being used to death to describe this lighting masterpiece from Italy. Popular among the touring and event organizers in the West, Clay Paky is now set foot to conquer the lucrative South East Asian market by illuminating many great prominent productions in a diverse range of industries.

Clay Paky’s rise in the South East Asian market is consistent with the incessant trend and increasing demand from lighting industry specialists for a reliable quick and flexible lighting system which can be used in many different situations and environment. Two years ago, when CSP Productions of Singapore started with the first lot of Clay Paky purchase – which includes a respectable 36 units of Alpha Beam 300 – we witnessed more rental companies like TMP and TSB Productions dwelling their hands in the bright light of Clay Paky, in a move to confirm the lighting giant’s well-received performance. This increasing trend for high quality and premium lighting system is seen long overdue in the market of South East Asia where shows, concerts and TV productions were pushing their limits in achieving and leaving a memorable and distinct impression on their viewers.

At the end of 2010, another Singaporean rental giant, Showtech Productions purchased 30 units of Alpha Spot HPE 1500 due to the great and leverageable potential spotted in Clay Paky in the touring market by the company. These marked another milestone in Clay Paky’s effort to grip and shine its bright lights in the growing Asian market. The next year, Clay Paky’s growth can be observed by yet another purchase of 10 units of Alpha Spot HPE 700 and 6 pieces of Alpha Profile 700 by another growing rental company, TPP (The Production People). This purchase threw Clay Paky into the market spotlight as it signifies the first presence of its flagship Alpha Profile 700 in the market.

As Mr. Sheldon Gooi, the owner of TPP put it; “I’ve always been a huge fan of Clay Paky. When I heard about Profile 700, it grabbed my attention almost immediately as I knew this is what we were looking for! A small, compact and extremely silent moving head that allows me to frame the gobos to any shape! This is perfect for enhancing and spicing up all the corporate events. Plus, with its impressive brightness, we do not have to invest in a bulkier and more expensive 1200W moving head. We also decided to add Alpha 700 HPE into our inventory to complement the Profiles with its graphic capabilities and razor-sharp optics”

Recently, CSP Productions upped the game by another level with the purchase of 12 units of Sharpy, a brand new sharp edge beam light that is so charming and stunning in both its performance and package; audience and users will inevitably fall head over heels for the petite giant.  Meanwhile, on the Malaysian shore, we can see Clay Paky tightening its grip on the market as well. Within two years, Mubari Light Sound Sdn Bhd, the biggest lighting rental company in Malaysia, has expanded an inventory of 150 fixtures of Clay Paky which includes a staggering 90 Beams and 30 units of the new Sharpy. With strong dominance in local TV shows and productions, Clay Paky is a guaranteed fixture in the local entertainment scene for years to come.

Some of the prominent and memorable Clay Paky installations include Anugerah Juara Lagu award show in Malaysia, City Harvest Church in Singapore, TV3 broadcasting station in Malaysia, School of the Arts and ITE College in Singapore

One of the mega churches in Singapore, the City Harvest Church is equipped with 66 units of Clay Paky. Adorned with high number of Clay Paky, this church shows and confirms the confidence level of the local industry for this reliable lighting equipment.

In ITE College, Clay Paky is used as an educational platform in part of this polytechnic school’s curriculum.  Students there have the chance to be introduced to Clay Paky products in their early tertiary level, which plays a general role in shaping their preference, knowledge and skill in the future. Used as a medium for teaching and learning, students are capable of learning the features and applications of these renowned moving heads. Clay Paky believes that education plays an important role for students, many of whom might be the future star in the industry.


City Harvest Church in Singapore

22 units of Alpha Spot HPE 700

44 units of Alpha Wash 700

School of the Arts in Singapore

10 units of Alpha Spot HPE 700

11 units of Alpha Wash 700

TV3 in Malaysia

12 units of Alpha Spot HPE 700

ITE College West in Singapore

Alpha Spot 300

Alpha Wash 300

ITE College East in Singapore

Alpha Beam 700