Epitome of Luxury Living: Siam Kempinski Hotel

Epitome of Luxury Living: Siam Kempinski Hotel

Located just steps from Siam Paragon shopping mall and offering the finest rooms, suites and serviced residences, Siam Kempinski Hotel is an enthralling sight to behold.  Offering a 900 m2 Grand Ballroom, kids club, exclusive spa, health club, food and beverage options and extensive meeting facilities, this 6 star hotel is one of the more recognizable and prominent landmarks in the city center of Bangkok.

Installed and maintained in various part of the hotel, RCF sound system provides a soothing tune to guests of the hotel. “We knew RCF sound system was the perfect sound system for Kempinski. It is reliable, easy to install, and most importantly – clear and powerful enough for such a prestigious and reputable venue. It was definitely a make or break situation for RCF. Fortunately, RCF made it – big time with a staggering 204 units of PL-6X and 209 units of PL-8X ceiling speaker installed in almost every part of the hotel,” explained Acoustic & Lighting System (Thailand) Co,. Ltd’s Sales Engineer, Ms. Pariwan Samerjai.

Samerjai, or Au as she is more fondly known, is proud and honored to be a part of this significant project. “For this project, we utilized a few systems, namely: RCF sound system, Inter-M public address system and Sennheiser microphones. These are all reputable brands in their own respective field. A hotel as glamorous as Kempinski deserves nothing less than perfect” said Samerjai.

Equipments Supplied:


204 units of PL-6X ceiling speaker

6 units of ART-312A 12″ 2-Way Active Speaker

22 units of ART-525A 2 way active systems

209 units of PL-8X ceiling speaker

33 units of DM-61 compact two way speaker

20 units of ART-310A 10″ Active Reference Speaker

8 units ART-705AS high output active subwoofer system


2 units of QD-4960 4-Channel Low Impedance Amplifiers

2 units of OT-4960 transformer

10 units of PA-2312 power amplifier

6 units of PA-9336 power amplifier


8 units of E835S Dynamic Vocal Microphone

6 units of E845S Super-cardioid vocal microphone

18 units of EW135D-G2 wireless system

18 units of EW112D-G2 wireless system


3 units of COMPULITE RAVE lighting control console

6 units of COMPULITE EPORT-41 DT converter

6 units of ZERO88 CHILLI-2410I compact wall mounting dimmer

60 units of SELECON PACIFIC 7/19 zoomspot