Global TV Equips New Studios With 250 PR Lighting Fixtures

Global TV Equips New Studios With 250 PR Lighting Fixtures

Global TV in Jakarta has vacated its former rented studios in favour of a completely new broadcast facility consisting of four independent studios. These have been equipped with around fixtures from PR Lighting,supplied by the Chinese company’s local distribution company, Acoustic &Lighting System.

The company already has a track record of working with the station’s owners, the MNC Group who gradually started investing in PR XR 200, XLED 1037 and XPar 360 several years ago.

For the new project Acoustic & Lighting’s successful bid was tendered not only on the back of PR Lighting’s performance capabilities but also their extended warranty. “These were specified from the very beginning because they offer excellent value for money,” said Acoustic& Lighting System’s Edwin Edmond.

Requiring essential functionality for their daily round of Comedy, Light Entertainment and Popular Music programmes they dipped extensively into PR Lighting’s portfolio of PAR LED’s, with Spot, Beam and Wash lights.

In total they acquired 70 XR 200 Beam, 70 XLED 1037, 90 XPar 360 and 20 XR 330 Spot.

According to Edmond, the fixtures had passed all operational tests for colour temperature, flicker etc at demo stage. They were also designed to be easily interchangeable between different studios during down time, providing Global TV Studio with a flexible solution.

“In particular, the studio really loves theXR330 Spot,” says Edwin in conclusion.