Good Vibes Festival 2016 with Digital Aid

Good Vibes Festival 2016 with Digital Aid

Jalan Batang Kali, Genting Highlands, Malaysia –Standing in the middle of a wide open area; lush greens filled our vision, weather that soothes our skin and the indefinite amount of fresh air going through our lungs. There was nothing more we could ask for us city dwellers. We definitely felt the good vibes in the area along with the music played by the musicians throughout the event. It’s the time of the year again when Future Sound Asia organized one of the most anticipated music event. Happened on 12th and 13th August 2016, Good Vibes Festival 2016 kicked off with a blast at Batang Kali, Genting Highlands. Good Vibes Festival is an event organized by none other than one of Malaysia’s leading event agency. Future Sound Asia, known for organizing great music events such as Above & Beyond: We Are All We Need and Thirst. Living up to its name “Good Vibes” the event was designed and planned to provide music that emits positive and good vibes for its audience. We asked the audience to describe the event to us, “It’s an enjoyable event, it brings us away from the mundane lifestyle we have,” commented one of them. Others described it as a place to meet new people with the same interest and a place to enjoy great music and company.

Situated beside Genting Sky Bridge, with the ease of access, plentiful of parking space and wide open area, it was certainly a venue that was planned strategically. Additionally, with Future Sound Asia offering tickets that includes accommodation, the event was definitely a hit, attracting audience from all over the world. Aside from the row of canopy stalls selling merchandizes and beverages, one will certainly notice the two magnificent stages prepared for the festival. With such a huge festival event it was only logical to appoint an audio visual rental company that could pick up the challenge and handle the task confidently, that’s where Digital Aid, better known as D8 fits nicely. Future Sound Asia appointed D8 as the audio visual coordinator for Good Vibes 2016. With a history of working together in past events that were held in Sepang International Circuits (SIC), D8 took the challenge in providing the best audio visual equipment for the festival.

“It was definitely a major project for us and we wanted to create an atmosphere that is extraordinary. We took some of our best equipment such as the Clay Paky lighting fixture and L-Acoustic speakers for the event,” commented Amin, D8’s Technical Director. “We wanted to create an atmosphere and memory that would engraved into the audience minds, weeks of planning were initiated for us to finalize our equipment list and layout plan for the stage,” continued Amin. Under the evening skies, the two magnificent stages were well lighted up with at least 134 lighting fixtures throughout the two festival days. Controlled and coordinated through the grandMA 2 and Chamsys MagicQboard, the Lighting Engineers showed world class lighting display. “We called the left stage Red Stage while the right stage as Blue Stage,” commented Amin. “It is important to keep the flow of the performance, with the two stages, artistes can rotate between stages,” continued Amin conversing how the organizers plan the event.  A total of 61 lighting fixtures were installed on the Red Stage. For the fixture at the top of the stage also known as the flown fixture, there were 6 units of Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500, 14 units Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500, 10 units of Clay Paky ALEDA B-Eye K20 and 15 units of Atomic 3000. As for the floor fixture D8 used 12 units of Clay Paky ALEDA B-Eye K20 and 4 units of Atomic 3000. As for the Blue Stage, there were a total of 72 lighting fixtures installed. There was a total of 12 units of PR XLED 1037, 16 units of Clay Paky Sharpy Standard, 12 units of Robin 100 LED Beam and 6 units of Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500 for Blue Stage flown fixture. Additionally, D8 used 5 units of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500, 7 units of PR XLED 1037 and 7 units of Atomic 3000 for the floor fixture. “We also used 7 units of LED Wall each 12 ft in height and 4 ft in width specifically for the band Two Door Cinema Club that performed on the first day,” added Amin. “The process of mounting these lights over the truss systems, it was considered one of the challenges we face. Nevertheless we manage to mount these durable lighting fixtures up to the truss systems on time,” commented Amin.

Aside from the fantastic and dazzling lighting performance, it was highly noticeable that the main speakers used in the festival event were none other than L-Acoustic speakers, known for its professional standards and quality. At least 100 or more speakers rocked the area as the subs vibrate the surrounding. A total of three line array speaker tower were constructed for the festival. Each tower consist of 2 units of L-Acoustic K1 Sub and 12 units of L-Acoustic K2. Additionally, the front field of the stage was equipped with 27 units of L-Acoustic SB28 and 4 units of L-Acoustic Kudo. “One of the most vital point in creating a line array system, is the angle it is able to cover. We decided to go with 12 units of K2 and 2 units of K1 Sub as it was more than enough to throw the sound across the venue,” commented one of D8’s crew. As for each stage there were 4 units of L-Acoustic Kudo and 4 units of L-Acoustic SB28. “Specifically for the DJ performance on stage 1 we used a total of 6 units of L-Acoustic Kara and 2 L-Acoustic SB28,” mentioned by one of the sound crew. As for the speaker drivers D8 utilized the functions of L-Acoustic LA8.

Quality equipment, well execute plans, awesome crowd, bountiful beverages and amazing line up of artistes were the key elements for a successful event. Good Vibes 2016 had every elements to make it a successful event. With international and local bands performing throughout the two days, audience were able to experience live performance from their favourite bands such as Ta-Ku, Disclosure, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Tokyo Police Club, Purity Ring, Mark Ronson, Enterprice, Kyoto Protocol, Jumero, Mutesite, Froya, Alina Baraz, Angus & Julia Stone, Ryan Hemsworth, Toko Kilat, Sevencollar T-Shirt, Juno & Hanna, The Fridays and lastly The Temper Trap. If that wasn’t enough, Good Vibes 2016 also invited various DJs to perform in their Electric Field canopy for audience who wanted a little electro and techno action. Overall, there was fun and chill. The audience awaits for more awesome events that Future Sound Asia has in store.