LAX Kicks Off the New OP Line Array System in Bangkok

With its unmistakable sharp sound reproduction, it is only a matter of time before LAX OP line array system become a household name among members in this industry. Thus, it is viewed as a natural progression – for both LAX International Group Co Ltd and its distributor, Acoustic & Lighting System – to launch this reliable sound system in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

“We are extremely confident with the functionality, performance, reliability and flexibility of the new OP line array system. With its addition, we are hopeful to add in a dash of clear, rich and sharp sound reproduction to the ever growing pro-sound landscape of Bangkok. And this seminar will be our first step in achieving that. Through this seminar we hope to educate the attendees about LAX, the products and also our rich and diverse projects,” explained Mr. Dennis Q, the  Project & Sales manager of LAX International Group Co Ltd.

Attended by over 70 participants from various companies within the industry, this seminar aims to provide a clear view on LAX’s history and background and its wide and prominent past project references. “We hope to showcase our project reference to convey a sense of confidence among the attendees. In this industry, project reference plays an integral role in obtaining a project or contract. And with 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010 Oman Asian Beach Games as the backbone of our committed past projects, it will definitely spin a different tune altogether! We have learnt and gone through so much for that major world-class project. This just shows that LAX is a capable and trusted brand in the eye of the world”

Since this launching is being held in Thailand, the presence of a translator is necessary to smoothen and reduce the language barrier between the speaker and the attendees. But language is definitely not an issue in conducting the live demonstration of the system. During the live demo session, participants were clearly satisfied and at awe at the how powerful and refined the sound reproduction of the line array system is. When asked, one of the participants said, “I like how rich and powerful the line array system is. Besides delivering an impactful sound, it also packed a punch in the clarity department. All in all, this is a very satisfying and relevant system!”

Smiles on participants’ face were later elongated when the lucky draw prizes were announced. With the Grand Prize of THB625B and two units of THB625, Second Prize of two units of THB612 and six units of MP3 as Third Prize; participants waited with bated breath in the hope that lady luck was on their side that night.

At the end of the seminar, participants were seen smiling from ear to ear from the entertaining and informative seminar. This confirms that true sound transcends even the barrier of language.

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