Level Club Fires Up Phuket Nightlife

Level Club is definitely not the average ordinary clubs that dots the nightlife of Phuket’s street. Located beside the main street of Phuket Road, this club has an inviting persona that will draw nocturnal tourists into its dwelling. This nightspot has an air of unpretentious classiness that seems to resonate with its overall polished design. With its swanky and eye-catching LEVEL neon signboard, this nightclub will definitely stand out from the rest of its peers in that area.

This distinctive joint comes with a classy restaurant that equipped with a grand piano and elegant glass wall that add an air of exquisiteness to its overall appeal. The club interior itself is a formidable force in terms of aesthetic allure. Showered by dazzling spotlights and occasional drizzle of bubbles, the dance floor is truly a unique assault to your senses. With high grand stand surrounding the dance floor, this club is capable of forming a pleasant bird-eye view for club goers with a taste for high clubbing experience.

When interviewed, the club owner, Mr. Nopparut Srikritsada was absolutely passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to the audio and visual components of his club. “RCF is really amazing. We’ve been using it for the past 6 months and I must say, RCF really exceed all my expectations. I really like the sound quality”

“I discovered RCF while I was in a nightclub in Patong Beach. If I’m not mistaken, I think they are using RCF acustica series. I fell in love with its superb sound immediately. The sound was clear and powerful enough to keep the whole club’s momentum going. After I left, I went and did a little research on my own to learn up more about RCF. I found out that RCF is a very credible and reliable brand. And now, I’m a proud owner of RCF NX line array!”

Coverage to the dance floor is provided by a ceiling mounted FOH system comprising of four NX-L23A line array cabinets in each cluster. In addition one unit of DX4008 4 inputs and 8 outputs loudspeaker management processor is also utilized to configure and control the loudspeakers.

Before selecting RCF, Srikritsada and his engineer tested the system alongside a few other audio brands. “Some of the brands couldn’t compare at all to RCF. The sound quality from RCF is totally impressive. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a low, medium or high frequency setting; RCF can still deliver a great solid performance every time”

It has been a smooth ride for Srikritsada with RCF for the past 6 months. Even for huge event like the New Year Countdown Party, RCF can still perform splendidly. “About a thousand people attended the mind-blowing bash. At first I was worried that the system will not be able to accommodate the staggering number of people. But once again RCF surprised me. And in the end, what a great blast the party was!”

“I’m planning to open another club in Patong Beach in the middle of this year. And for the sound system in that club, I will equip it fully with RCF equipments. That is how satisfied I am with this brand!”

In tourist destination area like Phuket, it is difficult to sprout out a root of prominence in the heavily saturated nightclubs scene. But with a carefully crafted design, friendly services and impressive sound system; I believe this root will grow a long way from here!

Equipments supplied:

8 units of RCF NX-L23A series
1 unit of DX-4008 loudspeaker management processor