One Day In Service Department

With camera sling tightly to my back and notebook clutched in my palm, I stepped inside my company’s Service Department – feeling brave and ready to embrace my new assignment. But nothing can prepare me for what was in store on that faithful one day in service department.

In service department, everyday is a new challenge for them. Everyday is a new obstacle, and there’s always a new hurdle to overcome. As I made my way into the department, I noticed smokes billowing out from its door. Instinctively, I nudged my way into the crowd to find out what is the cause of the commotion.

“Hi Daniel. Welcome!” exclaimed Darren, emerging from the crowd and shook my hand. “Don’t be surprise. This is just a smoke machine we are testing”

“Come on down and let me brief you on your job today,” exclaimed Darren Ting cheerfully while leading me into his office space, away from the crowd.

All the way, I noticed stacks and stacks of equipments lined up neatly in cupboard marked by sign like “Under Repair” or “After Repaired”, invoices and delivery order arranged accordingly, and spare parts and equipments tucked nicely in their respective drawers. Under the facade of a bustling and busy operation, lies a calm and organized backbone of organization. This is such an eye-opening experience, I thought to myself.

“Well, first of all, I will give some time for you to explore the department and get a feel of it. Later on, you can accompany me to observe some our technicians at works. And if there is time to spare, we will busy you with some administration works. I hope this is all not to overwhelming to you!” Darren said while giving me a friendly pat on the back.

“Of course not.” I said with a grin. “I’m a part of the service crew today. I wanna try my best to learn all that I can”

And with that comment, I made my way gingerly out to the testing and commissioning section. Outside, I saw a technician; Wan expertly diagnosed and replaced the spare parts of a Flepcher 1201pro-sound amplifier. Across the room, another technician was testing on a Clay Paky moving head to uncover any disparities. As I drew near, Wan gave me a few pointers and tips on how to diagnose an error. With helpful senior staff like Wan, I’m sure new talents will blossom pertinently under his expert care.

For the rest of the day, many different types of equipment came in for their maintenance services. Nurul, one of the senior staff carefully pointed out the right way to serve a customer and handle the billing and invoicing process. Always the one to speak her mind, she had given me plenty of helpful pointers that will help me in the long run.

In the next few hours, under the care guidance of Darren and Nurul; I’ve learned the many different settings of Clay Paky, the various cables and connectors, the whole flow of equipments fixing and the importance of maintaining an organized invoice system. Surprisingly, for that brief period of one day, I feel like I’ve been drawn into the tight service family. Talking and joking with them, I felt like I’m truly a part of the service crews.

Under the clear leadership of Darren, the whole service department is like a tight loving family – helpful and supporting each other to elevate the whole team to reach a previously unreachable goal. Although I’m a novice in the service and maintenance field, Darren had never once neglect my talent and encouraged me to absorb all the knowledge I can. His calm and assuring demeanor is most befitting of a leader. And a good one that is.

At the end of the day, bidding them goodbye seemed like the most ridiculous thing to do. Feeling heavy and reluctant, I took my last shot of the service department and bid my silent goodbye to a well meaningful and eye-opening experience.