Clay Paky the Projectors

Clay Paky the Projectors

Portfolio Description

Clay Paky the Projectors

Finally, the official product showcase for the long awaited “the projectors” from Clay Paky, Following the worldwide success of the legendary Sharpy, Clay Paky has now launched SuperSharpy. an ACL Beam type moving head with 3 times the brightness of the Sharpy , with only a new 470W Lamp. Based on the same platform, there is also Mythos, a very versatile spot /beam , which combining the technology derived from Supersharpy and also a newly patented optics that allows a wide zoom from 4 to 50deg. At last, perhaps the new industry standard, the Stormy, it is the first LED strobe from clay paky which utilising its new led technology, yet  still retains all the charm of a classic strobe.


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