ETC Sensor CEM3 Dimmer Power Control

ETC Sensor CEM3 Dimmer Power Control

You asked, we listened! CEM3 is ETC’s new platform for power control, incorporating nearly 20 years of market feedback. CEM3 is designed to reduce setup time, simplify system backups, and remove all barriers to networking your lighting system!

Familiar look and feel
The CEM3 facepanel immediately bridges the gulf of evaluation for an existing Sensor® user. Graphic displays show you the information you need on a large screen. One-button access for Setup, About, and Set Levels keep the curious user from accidentally making a change when checking the status of a dimmer. The number pad provides fast access to any circuit.



Improved connectivity and backup options
USB quick-load provides storage and uploads of configurations and firmware upgrades. A secondary Ethernet port on the front panel becomes an uplink to the Net3™ lighting network. Two DMX ports maintain legacy hard-line support. Ride-thru and battery backup options for installation systems will allow the processor to stay booted through short-term power outages. A memory chip in each of the racks holds the full configuration for the rack to make module replacement easy.

The power of networking
The plug-and-play features of CEM3 networking are a relief. Forget about past headaches of IP addresses and complicated setup instructions. Basic setup of the network is now as easy as a network switch and a few lengths of Cat5 cable.

Building from extensive experience in networked lighting systems, ETC will soon offer software tools that tightly integrate power control, network gateways, control systems, and intelligent fixtures. Management, system health and circuit feedback are available to any network-connected device.

The Sensor3 system continues the Sensor tradition of delivering premium performance and high value for all levels of users. And now with CEM3 in control, you can sit back and enjoy the tech sessions!

ETC is committed to supporting customers over the long term. Any Sensor or Sensor+ system can be upgraded to CEM3 control. Contact your dealer about upgrading today.

Product Features

  • Graphical display and number pad reduce time spent on initial setup and local overrides
  • Options exist for 16-bit control, source arbitration, preset backups, and hold last look
  • Built-in data-loss protection and zero-setup controller-replacements make troubleshooting simple
  • Network connections to the console provide remote management of setup, status, and control
  • New three-in-one module for choice of dimming, relay, and constant for each circuit without changing module hardware

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