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-Various line-up by output 

DPA series is a product maximizing the efficiency of PA digital amplifier and its stable operation is possible. Various lineups by channel & output demanded from the market are configured and you can install the product by considering the size and installing environment. 


-Efficient and rational digital amplifier 

Inter-Ms digital amplifiers can output higher power even with remarkably lower power consumption than conventional analog amplifiers, has less heat, and is light in weight. Therefore, you can establish economic and environment-friendly system as effective saving in installing space and costs comparing to analogue amplifier.


-Perfect support for DC 24V power supply for emergency broadcasting 

The DPA series is designed with an AC / DC dual power supply that allows DC 24V supply through the battery even if AC power fails due to power outage. Since the DC power supply is an emergency power supply, it operates regardless of whether the power switch is ON or OFF. Also, when AC power is restored normally during DC power operation, it is automatically switched to AC power and driven. 


-Emergency broadcast can be played through priority input 

With the Priority function of the DPA series, alarm broadcasts can be configured to be output automatically in an emergency. When a contact is input to the PRIORITY terminal on the rear, the signal input to the PRIORITY terminal is output prior to the PGM input.


-High S/N, low THD for fine, clear sound reproduction 

The DPA series is a high quality commercial amplifier that can reproduce crisp, detailed sound without noise with high S/N of over 100dB and low THD of less than 0.1%. Therefore, it is very suitable for BGM playback, which is considered to be important in PA system recently, and is useful in large-scale franchise stores such as shopping malls, department stores, banks, and the like. 

 S/N : This is a value that indicates Signal to Noise. The higher the value, the less noise can be reproduced. 

 THD : Abbreviation for Total Harmonics Distortion. The higher the value, the more distortion can be reproduced. 


-Operation indicator LED to check status at a glance

SIG, -10dB output level, Clip, Protect, etc., can be intuitively monitored through LED lighting status and color by AC / DC power supply, STBY status, and each channel. In addition, through the volume of each channel on the front of the product, independent volume can be adjusted for each channel. 


-AC REMOTE that can turn on / off the power remotely 

Using the AC REMOTE terminal on the back of the instrument, you can turn the power of the DPA series ON / OFF at a long distance. When the DPA series is OFF, the power is turned on when the contact is input to the AC REMOTE terminal, and when the contact is turned on, the device is turned off. 


-Excellent protection with protection circuit 

The DPA series is equipped with various protection circuits such as OVP(Over -Voltage Protection), UVP (Under-Voltage Protection), Limiter* and OCP(Over-Current Protection) to detect and block I/O voltage higher or lower than the specified voltage range. This allows you to safeguard your equipment in extreme situations to prevent failures. 

* Limiter : DPA-900S/1200S Only 

 Caution: Please check the impedance of the speaker line prior to use.

● Optimized output for both PA&SR use

 – DPA-50E has OPT applied HI-Z(100 V, 70 V) output terminal and OPTLESS applied LO-Z output terminal individually. HI-Z terminal can be useful with the commercial use as it requires distant transmission and parallel connection. LO-Z terminal is particularly for professional use that requires high quality sound transmission in close range between the speaker and the amplifier.

DPA-50E fits in various distributed control system application as it both suits for commercial and professional use.

 50 W×8CH multi-channel amplifier

 – Traditional amplifier sends one input sound source to all output en bloc but DPA-50E is a multi-channel amplifier that can broadcast different sound sources to each 8 channels and control them by zones.

In other words, it can play BGM in cafeteria while broadcasting microphones in the headquarters. This can be a very useful feature from smaller venues such as cafes and stores to larger venues like schools and department stores.

 Signal Link function for multi input

 – With the Signal Link Switch displayed on the left side, send sound sources input to CH 1 to linked channels at the same time. For instance, switch on CH 2 and CH 1 input sound source is output to CH 3 simultaneously. Use the Signal Link function to utilize DPA-50E as you wish.

(※ Channels that are switched off output inserted sound sources to corresponding channels)

 Secure operation through AC/DC dual power

 – DPA-50E is AC/DC dual powered and is DC 24 V provided with the battery when urgent situation such as blackout occurs. DC power is emergency power that operates regardless of ON/OFF of the power switch. It is automatically switched to AC power even when DC power is operating if AC power is working in order.

 Priority Function

  – Automatic emergency broadcasting is available using priority function of DPA-50E in emergency situations. When contact closure is inserted to PRIORITY terminal on the rear panel, signals input to the PRIORITY terminal are output before the ones entered to PGM INPUT terminal.

For instance, PGM INPUT of CH 7 is muted and sound sources input to the PRIORITY audio terminal are broadcasted when the contact closure is inserted to the PRIORITY terminal of CH 7.

※ PGM : Programmable

● LED Indicators

  – The backlit LED enables to monitor AC/DC power, STBY status, SIG(-30 dB) output level of each channel, Clip and Protect status. Also, with the volumes of each channel on the front panel, separate volume control is possible.

● Stability guaranteed with perfect protection circuit

  – Stability of the device is guaranteed with OVP(Over-Voltage Protection) function which perceives and blocks when in/output voltage is higher or lower than the settled voltage range, UVP(Under-Voltage Protection) and overcurrent protection function.

For more information, visit : http://www.inter-m.net/en/view/productView.asp?seq=325

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