The innovative CS-1 i-Conference Discussion System is equipped with JTS in-house made ECM capsule, intelligent automatic mixing technology and integrated acoustic and mechanical design, providing Turn-Key solution and delivering consistently natural, feedback-free audio performance with any environment. The i-Conference Discussion System is ideal for discussion and meeting with up-to 150 attendants.

A CS-1 i-Conference Discussion System consists of:

  • One Control and power supply unit (CU).
  • Maximum 150 delegate or chairman units.
  • Peripheral audio and/or telecommunication equipment.

The control unit is the center of the discussion system which controls the microphones of the chairman and delegate units as well as connects to other audio input and output. It also supplies the power for the CU itself, and up to 50 chairman and delegate units.

The delegate unit enables the attendants to participate in a discussion by speaking through a microphone, controlled by a microphone ON/OFF push-button, and listening to discussion by the internal loudspeaker and external headphone.

The chairman unit not only provides the same function as the delegate unit, but also supports the addition of a “Priority button”, that enables the chairman to control the discussion by temporary or permanently overriding and deactivating all active microphones of the delegate units.

Voltage VAC100-240~, 50/60Hz
Current consumption MAX 0.9A(100VAC) / 0.3A(240VAC)
DC supply to contribution units ±15V
Line, telephone coupler and insertion in/outputs (unbalanced)
Input sensitivity -14dBV/+11dBV (nominal/maximum)
Input impedance 33KΩ
Output level -14dBV/+11dBV (nominal/maximum)
Output Impedance 500Ω
Recorder in/output (unbalanced)
Input sensitivity -20dBV/+5dBV (nominal/maximum)
Input impedance 47KΩ (for L & R channel)
Adjustment -20dBV/+5dBV(nominal/maximum)
Output level +0/-30dBV
Output Impedance 500Ω
External microphone input (XLR(F) balanced)
Input sensitivity -56dBV
Adjustment. +6dBV/-6dBV(nominal/maximum)
Phantom supply 12V+/-1V, 2*680Ω (±2%)
Headphone output
Output level -8dBV/+2dBV(nominal/maximum)
Output Impedance 22Ω
System limits Number of delegate/chairman units connected to one control unit
Maximum in total 50
Maximum per trunk output 25
Maximum trunk length using CS-1 standard cabling: 100m
Dimensions (HxWxD) 360*150*90 mm
Weight 1745 grams
Gooseneck Microphone
Type Back Electret Condenser
Frequency Response 50 ~ 18,000Hz
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Max. SPL for 1% THD 125dB
Gooseneck Length 15” (400mm)
Dimensions (HxWxD) without mic 170*115*65 mm
Length of mic 400 mm
Weight 1100 grams

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