Xilica Neutrino

A winning combination of audio performance, ease of use and cost-efficiency is offered by Neutrino processors. Neutrino comprises a DHCP-enabled processor series available in four primary I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line and 48V phantom power selection per input and premium grade mic pre-amps.


    • Open architecture-drag & drop DSP
    • 48kHz sampling, 40 bit floating point DSP engine
    • high performance 24 bit converters
    • Premium grade mic pre-amps
    • Mic/Line input selection per input w48v phantom power
    • 8×8, 16×8, and 16×16 I/O model sizes
    • Neutrino-N model versions
    • Neutrino-D model versions
    • Neutrino-ND model versions
    • Neutrino A1608-AEC model version
    • Neutrino A1608-AEC-N model version
    • Ethernet connectivity and control
    • Easy to use Neuconsole software GUI
  • Maximum latency fixed at 3ms – no matter the number of DSP modules in use
  • Optional NeuPanel Series – Mini and Touch model wall controls
  • Use our Neupanel-PC designer to create a control surface on any PC
  • Use our free NeuPanel/Touch software on your own android device to control Uno
  • Use our optional Centro SM1 site manager to provide IOS, OSX and Android browser control
  • Third party control

For more info please visit “http://xilica.com/products/neutrino/

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