RCF Amplifies Calvary Carnival 2012

RCF Amplifies Calvary Carnival 2012

Malaysia – Acoustic & Lighting System sponsored, installed and rented the reliable range of RCF TT+ sound system to the celebratory Calvary Carnival 2012. Held on June 30, 2012 in the scenic Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Bandar Sunway; this one-day fund-raising event successfully attracted throngs of people from all walks of life to soak up the exciting atmosphere of it. With over 140 stalls set up that day, visitors were spoiled for choices as they feast their eyes on various cuisines such as nasi lemak, assam laksa, pasta dishes, and even durians.

For this hugely popular event, RCF TT+ high definition touring and theatre speakers were deployed to perfection. This range of speakers represent true high definition audio quality solutions with the latest technology in transducer development plus new generation Class D digital active amplification and DSP (Digital Sound Processor) for huge and exciting live concerts, events, theatre and stage monitoring.

RCF TT+ was the first choice that came to the mind of Acoustic & Lighting System for this carnival. According to Mr. Yeo Kim San, the Chief Executive Officer of Acoustic and Lighting System, “We have been a major distributor of RCF sound system for many years now. Now, with RCF TT+ we are running out of adjectives to praise the system! In our opinion, RCF TT+ is one of the best professional speakers for touring and theatre. With extremely user friendly functionalities and high quality sound reproduction, what is there not to love? Additionally, installation has always a breeze for us and for this fact, we couldn’t adore it more. One thing I would like to highlight about RCF is its suitability for outdoor event. Its strong sound projection, clarity and highly powerful impact are suitably perfect for huge events like the Calvary Carnival.”

Feedbacks from member of audience echoed that of Yeo. According to them, ” RCF TT+ has the most powerful sound re-projection among the other speakers in the market today. And same goes to its crystal clear clarity.”

Equipments sponsored by: Acoustic & Lighting System

Equipments sponsored:

Main Equipment

8 units of RCF TTL55A

4 units of RCF TTS56A

2 units of RCF Flybar TT55

2 units of RCF TT22A

1 unit of RCF RDNet Control 8


8 units of RCF-Cover TTL55

8 units of RCF-AC Wood Kart TTL-55

4 units of RCF Flybar Pickup TTL55

4 units of RCF-cover TTS56

4 units of RCF-Front Wood Cover TTS56

2 units of RCF Shackel TTL55

2 units of RCF Hoist Spacing TTL55

2 units of AC 4Pin TT55

2 units of RCF AC 4Pin Flybar TTL55

4 units of RCF AC Power Cable 6X TTL55

6 units of RCF AC Power Extension

4 units of RCF AC Power Box