RCF Live Sound Product Showcase

RCF Live Sound Product Showcase

MALAYSIA – Acoustic & Lighting System successfully held their RCF Live Sound product showcase on the 6th of July which lasted for three consecutive days. Free and opened to the public, the showcase saw a healthy number of audience who came to experience the sound produce by a wide range of RCF speakers available in a soundproof room.

Host William Chew of Acoustic & Lighting System, who have been a long term player in the acoustic field equipped with his humor; gave an appetizing opening before going into the detailed specification of each and every speaker. He came with the aim to deliver awareness and a better understanding towards RCF Live Sound product range to his audience, which he surely did. Audience were exposed to the understanding of SPL (Sound Pressure Level) on different speakers. Additionally audience were exposed to the importance of speaker configuration and how to create a harmonious sound system.

The showcase starts to heat up when the team introduces RCF Live Sound Art 4 and 7 series. Audience were able to personally hear the sound quality of each specific speaker as the sound engineer blasts the speakers up starting with vocal music before proceeding towards hip-hop/club music. Playing different type of sound allows audience to take note of the sound clarity for each speaker in different scenario. One of the most noticeable speaker in the ART series would be the ART745-A, one of RCF flagship ART speaker running on 1400watts at peak. Additionally the speaker uses neodymium compression drivers, a material that replaces the ceramic counterparts. These neodymium reduces the size and weight of the speaker and it is longer lasting compared to ceramic. Mr. William also demonstrated an example of a harmonious sound piece by pairing ART745-A and SUB718-AS, a subwoofer well recognized by RCF community.

What took the audience by shock was the fact that throughout the showcase EVOX 8 was the primary speaker for the presenter speeches. Designed primarily for live sound and voice, it offer crisp detailed sound that offers a perfect listening experience to the audience. Outdoor RCF passive speaker such as V35 and V218 were briefly introduced as a comparison to the ART745-A. The showcase toned down as the presenter move towards RCF speakers that are designed for fixed installations such as conference halls, café, lounge and smaller locations. 3 RCF M series (M502, M602 and M801) were introduced to the audience. These 2-way full range passive speakers with their compact design are able to make an impact towards the audience with its sound clarity. Furthermore, Monitor Q series (MQ30P, MQ50, MQ60H and MQ80P) were also displayed in the showcase. They are smaller compared to the M series. “Other than MQ80P, these speakers would need a subwoofer or the sound can be dry” said Mr. William as it is specifically built for background music and vocal. This series is more suitable for smaller locations and can be used in hotels announcement or background speaker system. Commercialized monitor speakers were also part of the showcase product line as the Mytho 8, Ayra 4 and 6, played together with the Ayra 10 Sub for the bass.

“Very good information, even though I was late for the session. I am able to gain information on these products” commented an audience on the third day of the showcase. Mr. William himself commented “It was great that I am able to share my knowledge on RCF speakers to the public. Overall the showcase was a success as the audience were exposed to the quality product of RCF live sound but also gaining knowledge on the configuration and types of speakers to use in different situation. Even RCF karaoke speaker K2310 made its appearance in the showcase.”


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