RCF Sonar Meeting 2012

RCF Sonar Meeting 2012

To boost a deeper and more enduring partnership, RCF decided to gather all of its East Asian / Oceania distribution partners in a meeting to discuss and facilitate a more cohesive flow of information, demands and networks. Organized jointly by RCF and Acoustic & Lighting System Sdn. Bhd., this event was graced by more than 100 participants of various experience, background and country of origin. Despite the differences, the passion for RCF was the one thing that brought them to bond and cheer among one another.

Held for two days from 15th February 2012 to 17th February 2012 in Pelita Ballroom of Avillion Resort, Port Dickson, this event aimed to provide a glue for RCF to disseminate trade information, product specifications, upcoming products, and market trends to benefits all the external distributors of RCF. While meetings took a front seat, participants were encouraged to mingle and get to know each other to foster a better understanding and potential chances of collaboration in the future.

During the meeting, RCF provided plenty of information on RCF products while also focusing on three major topics which were “Routing Systems”, “RDNet” and “RCF Line Arrays”. To make this event an interesting and memorable one for all participants, RCF also arranged interesting evening events that bound to strike a chord with the participants.

According to one of the representatives from Acoustic & Lighting System, Ms. Iris Chin, “We are very honored and excited to be a part of RCF family. Everybody is so helpful, friendly and supportive here. Besides that, this is also the perfect chance for us, as the distributor to understand RCF products in a more detailed level. RCF is noted for providing strong support to its many distributors, so it comes to no surprise for me the objective of this event,”

Apart from products presentation, this event was also peppered with packed schedule that encompassed various product demonstration, information sharing session, mingling activities, listening session and question-and-answer discussion. At the end of the event, participants were seen excited over the newfound friendship, information and also the faith in the bright prospect of RCF in the future.

The event ended with satisfied participants at 5pm of 17 February 2012.