RCF Sound System Scores a Perfect 10 in 7atenine.

Malaysia – In a metropolitan filled with vibrant nightlife; clubs and nightspots can sprout out as rapidly as mushroom after the rain. Thus, it takes a truly solid nightspot to stand and brace the challenging test of time. Step into one of the most enduring bar in Kuala Lumpur, the 7atenine. Apart from the catchy name and strategic location – located inside one of the most prestigious service apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Ascot Apartment – this club had built a reputation as a true refuge in the dense concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur. This club spots a unique concept whereby patrons can simultaneously indulge in the best of indoor and outdoor lounging experience under one modern and head-turning roof.

Currently in the fifth year of operation, this elegant and fashionable bar spins a unique style called adult contemporary music to provide a chic, soothing and mid-tempo vibe to the whole ambience.

In keeping with this emphasis in ambience and environment, the premise’s sound system is selectively picked by the club’s Marketing Director, Mr. Lincoln to harmonically blend in with the whole persona of the bar. “Our requirement for the sound system is simple; we do not want an overtly loud or blatant sound reproduction. 7atenine is a very relaxing and cozy chill-out bar for patrons to enjoy a beautiful night out in town. Thus, it is of utmost importance to make sure the sound system can deliver the same consistent message to our patrons.

“RCF has long been known for its high clarity sound reproduction. We put a very heavy emphasis on the sound system. We wanted something simple, with very clear and defined sound. After the initial testing, we realized we found our perfect match in RCF. RCF is a truly reliable and refined sound system. I’m proud to say that I truly adored the system!” he continued.

Installed and managed by Spectrum Sound Works Entertainment in the outdoor section of DJ booth, this system is highly praised by the patrons as well. Patrons adored the clarity and the refined sound of RCF. One of the patrons, who only identified himself as Mr. Landon, commented, “I’ve been to many chill-out bar around this area, but none come close to 7atenine. The music, the food and the whole environment somehow clicked together, to form a very pleasant ambience. And the sound system is amazing; very soothing and appeasing. I’m really impressed with the system”

Coverage to the main seating area is provided by a ceiling mounted FOH system comprising of two NX-L23A line array cabinets in each cluster. A further 2 units of NXS-25A subwoofer were positioned on each side of the booth. For stage monitor, two units of RCF ART 312A were suitably deployed. In addition, two units of FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for array system support were also installed.

Mr. Roy Mukiah, the Managing Director of Spectrum Sound Works Entertainment is very honored and proud to be a part of this project. “7atenine is a very prominent and exclusive chill-out lounge, catering to the upper-class executives that look for a posh and exclusive getaway in the city. By understanding all their specific needs and requirements, I realized that RCF is the perfect system for them.

“Basically RCF is a system that every club owner wishes to own. I myself am a loyal and faithful user of RCF. Honestly, I don’t see any reason for not using it. It is reliable with compact sound and superb performance. We installed this system in 7atenine 3 months ago, and honestly they loved it. It is what sweet dreams are made of for every DJ, rental companies and club patrons”

According to its primary DJ, DJ Acid, “Music is definitely one of the most important elements in our life. And what’s better way to bring this fundamental element to life than a good and refined sound system? As a DJ, I view a good sound system as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Thus, you can say that RCF is definitely THE sound system for us”

Under the breathtaking skyline of Kuala Lumpur, 7atenine will no longer have to shout to make its voice heard. With great atmosphere, splendid sound support, unique concept and friendly services; I believed 7atenine will make a permanent and lasting imprint in the night scene of Kuala Lumpur.

Equipments supplied

4 units of NX-L23A line array system
2 units of NXS-25A subwoofers
2 units of RCF ART 312A stage monitors
2 units of FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for array system support