RCF Takes Center Stage in the Opulent Double Tree Hotel

The concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur is about to be rocked with the presence of another flora – the gorgeously alluring and head-turning Double Tree Hotel. With the addition of this classy hotel to the metropolitan’s skyline, Kuala Lumpur has another reason to cherish as Double Tree brings about a larger diameter to the city’s enlarging belt of famous hotels, shopping centers and prominent landmarks.

Rising prominently from Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle district, this hotel is the perfect accommodation for visitors that look for a comfort homely experience in their stay. This hotel is fully equipped with a Grand Ballroom, a winery, an executive longue area, a fitness centre, sauna area, various classroom and meeting facilities, an authentic Italian cuisine kitchen, and a head-turning pool, just to name a few. The hotel’s decorations, service, food and amenities are all aimed to provide true comfort to today’s leisure and business travelers.

“To provide the true Double Tree Hotel experience to our guests, it is important to make sure all amenities are functioning perfectly. In other words, we will try to avoid any chances of equipments and technical parts from breaking down, and ruining the whole experience for our guests. In here, we put the utmost priority to guests’ comfort and convenience,” said Mr. Mohd Nizam Bin Ramli enthusiastically.

As the Team Leader (Engineer) of the dedicated Audio Visual Team, Nizam’s responsibilities are imminently huge. Besides leading the whole team, he is also involved in the installation and maintenance of the audio visual system. “AFS Engineering recommended the best parts possible for each components of whole system. That is why we have trust in RCF speakers, ADB dimmer and KLOTZ cables recommended. I’ve heard great reviews about these reliable brands, that is why I feel that it is important to utilize them here”

Installed suitably in the gym, aerobic, sauna and the walkway area; the RCF PL8X ceiling speakers never failed to inspire the patrons with its clear sound and sharp reproduction. In addition, Double Tree also utilized a significant number of the ever reliable ART series loudspeaker system. As a portable system, it can be utilized almost anywhere inside the hotel perimeter. Dynamic and flexible; both the PL8X and ART series speakers are extremely suitable for the hotel’s usage. “Personally, I look for a balanced frequency and harmonized sound system with the ability to feed the entire premise. In the gym and aerobic area, we need some dynamic and upbeat sound reproductions to keep patron’s momentum going, which is why RCF is the right speaker for the job. From my experience, I feel that RCF is a suitable speaker for various different usages. With reliable sound and an affordable price tag, what more can one asks for?”

Equipped also with a portable RCF conference system for guests’ conference usage, this hotel is not about to sacrifice reliability or guest’s convenience for anything. Portable and lightweight, the RCF conference system is, according to Nizam, a very easy and simple system to operate. “Through immense R&D efforts, RCF has finally achieved the right balance of user-friendly operation and superior performance. I’m satisfied with the system so far. With their addition here, I believe they will elevate the hotel’s audio visual system into a new level”

Many efforts were put in to perfect the technical aspects of the systems inside the dazzling Grand Ballroom. Various systems were installed and maintained to ensure the whole operation of the Ballroom is running smoothly. With tall emblazoned ceiling and huge prominent chandeliers, this ballroom serves many purposes from dining occasions to conferencing needs. In terms of projection screen, three units of Dalite 300” motorized front projection screens. Apart from that, one unit each of Extron Crosspoint 450 plus 128HVA matrix routing switcher and Extron ISS506 seamless switcher were deployed. An additional four units of FOX 500TX/RX/MM fiber optic transmission for 160-300mHz RGBHV or composite video were also utilized to perfection by the technical team of Double Tree. Lastly, three units of Sanyo PDG-XM150 + LNS-S40 / LNS-W20 projector were installed as well.

The reliable Grandview Fantasy 150” motorized front projection screen, on the other hand, was installed in various meeting and conference facilities. Known for their durability, 11 of these screens were successfully installed in Hibiscus Room and meeting rooms located in Level 9, 10 and 11.

Apart from that, this lively hotel is also graced with the presence of ADB dimmer and controller. Known for its user friendliness and sharp precision, the Mikapack 15 and Mikado system are the perfect companion for the hotel’s prominent lighting fixtures. To complement the formidable state of quality, Klotz cables were also selected and utilized heavily throughout the installation of the hotel. Known for its reliability and durability, Klotz provides a perfect and solid foundation for assembling a distinguished technical system.

At the end of the day, with all these great systems coming together, the technicians will try to materialize them into a beneficial synergistic whole. According to Nizam: “A good system is nothing if we are unable to ensure the individual parts are working together synergistically. It’s not about the individual parts; it’s about how these individual parts come together to form something cohesive, and making the whole system stronger and more coherent than ever. With ALL these incredible brands and systems on board, I’m very sure we have a pretty good system on hand here”

When probed about AFS Engineering’s service and maintenance efforts, Nizam has nothing but praise for our quick and efficient service and maintenance team. “Working in a hotel, we could not predict how ad-hoc and uncertain some situations will be. That is why, we need as much supports and guidance from the installer as possible. And I’m glad; we are blessed with a good and reliable team of efficient service crew. Mr. Lai and Zul (AFS Engineering Service & Maintenance crew) were always there for us, providing solutions and listen to all of our problems delicately. And for that, we are thankful!”

With a good reliable pack of systems, excellent services and unique concepts; Double Tree Hotel is ready to ingrain its root to grow to a new horizon of distinction in the competitive hotel industry of Kuala Lumpur.

Equipments supplied



8 units of ED1100 amplifiers

26 units of ED600 amplifiers

14 units of PL8X 8” ceiling speaker

6 units of ART315A 2 way definition SR loudspeaker

4 units of ART905AS subwoofer

1 unit of DMU6100 power supply unit

1 unit of DMS6410 chairman unit

12 units of DMS6410 delegate unit


4 units of Mikapack 15 12 channel lighting dimmer

1 unit of Mikado 12 channel lighting control


16 units of GRY_PXX100 extension cable @ 10 m

40 units of MY206SW microphone cable @ 100 m

5 units of LY215TSW cable @ 1000 m

1 unit of DMX2F cable @ 300 m

1 unit of PX04 multicore cable @ 300 m

1 unit of PX12 multicore cable @ 200 m

7 units of C5SF/U LAN cable @ 1000 m

1 unit of VM5X75Y video cable @ 500 m


1 unit of Crosspoint 450 + 128HVA matrix routing switcher 12 in 8 out

1 unit of ISS506 6-input seamless switcher

4 units of FOX 500TX/RX/MM fiber optic transmission for 160-300mHz RGBHV or composite video


1 unit of Mackie of CFX12 MKII 12-channel compact mixer

3 units of Sanyo PDG-XM150 + LNS-S40 / LNS-W20 projector with remote control

11 units of Grandview Fantasy 150” diagonal 16:10 format, motorized front projection screen

3 units of Dalite 300” diagonal 16:10 format motorized front projection screen

1 unit of Grandview SuperMobile 150” diagonal 16:10 format portable front projection screen

1 unit of Grandview Fantasy 82” diagonal 16:10 format motorized front projection screen