Sennheiser Artist Endorsement Feedback Interview

Sennheiser Artist Endorsement Feedback Interview

MALAYSIA – In the year 2014, Acoustic & Lighting System (A&L) initiated their very first artist endorsement programme, conducted jointly with Sennheiser Asia. Among thousands of candidates, four young local talented artists were carefully selected – Jaclyn Victor, Tomok, Black and RJ. They were each given a personalized Sennheiser EW 500 series wireless microphone with individual flight cases.

A year has passed, on 13th August 2015, A&L greeted three of the artists that were endorsed. Tomok, winner of One in a Million TV Singing competition, RJ and Black who received best performance for Anugerah Juara Lagu, a Malaysian music award programme for a follow-up interview. It was surely a good day for the employees of A&L as they had the chance to meet the artists in person once again.

The nostalgic feeling kicked in as all three brought in their endorsed flight cases and Sennheiser microphones. Tomok, who recently started promoting his song with Altimet “Aku Tahu” elaborated on the design of the microphone that was custom made for him. “When the audience watch me perform with my own customized microphone, they would know that I am not performing just for fun but I take my music seriously”. Black who had been using various microphones including the Sennheiser microphone, acknowledged that the microphone was really “bermutu” which means “excellent quality.” Black who recently collaborated with Dayang Norfaizah mentioned that Sennheiser microphone has great quality and it is able to capture and produce clear sound in terms of vocal. RJ who featured in Qarabah “Taubat” supported both Tomok and Black’s statement and emphasized on the convenience of the microphone being wireless and the auto lock function help artists who are always on-the-go.

The interview came to an end with the closing question on advice they would like to convey to their fans or individuals who are pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Two words summarizes their answers, passion and interest. As Tomok mentioned there are many artists out there who may not possess sufficient quality or passion to last in this industry. Additionally, Black believes that they should not pursue the career for the money but for their passion and interest in the industry.

Looking at them and how they have all made it till today, it was definitely their passion, interest, and most importantly, their sincerity for music that got them this far. We hope that their passion in music will continue burning; setting them as an example to the society. We would also like to thank them for spending their time with us and we are glad that Sennheiser microphone has played a part in their career.