Sennheiser D1 makes you “The One”

Sennheiser D1 makes you “The One”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless D1 Microphone launch event was definitely a great way to kick start the New Year. Spectacular crowd, wonderful ambience and talented musicians, what else could we ask for? Organized by Acoustic & Lighting System (“A&L”), Musicians Cube and Sennheiser, the event took place on 11th January 2016 at The Bee, Publika. The Bee, known for its open mic sessions and music gigs was the perfect spot. “We decided to go with The Bee because it fits all the criteria that we were looking for. There was enough space for us to setup a product display area and still be able to fit around 100 guest,” commented Rain, A&L’s Event Planner and Coordinator Executive.

For the preparation of this event, A&L transported around 90 acoustic equipment to The Bee, Publika. Equipment ranging from microphones, speakers to lighting stands arrived at The Bee hours before the event. “We were competing against time, as we had to prepare the stage speakers and microphones. In addition to the stage equipment, we had to set up the product display area. For the testing corner, each microphone has to be connected and played back through the headphones for guest to test out the microphones”, commented one of A&L’s stage crew. “We had sound engineer and technicians to survey the venue before the event in order to find out the best speakers to be used in the venue. A total of 4 units of RCF HD12-A and 2 units of RCF SUB718-AS were used for the event in providing full coverage to The Bee’s medium size area. As for microphones we brought most of Sennheiser microphones and capsules to the event. We wanted to show the guest the full range of microphones Sennheiser has. They say seeing is believing, that statement can be applied in hearing as well. We displayed a variety of microphone from vocal to instrument ranging from the wired E835 to E965,” stated Michelle, marketing representative from A&L.

As we headed towards the stage, there it was the Sennheiser evolution wireless microphone D1-845. Slim and elegant in black design the D1 took the spotlight even before the event begin. Each vocalist of the band that performed that night will be using the D1 while the E914 and E901 will be used for the bands instruments. “Jumero’s drummer, Ryan will be using the E914 to capture his Bongo drum acoustic sound while the bands such as Wanted Symphony and RELENT will used the E901 for their cajón drums,” commented Nasir, A&L’s sound and stage crew.

You are in for a treat when you know bands such as Hujan, Kyoto Protocol, An Honest Mistake and more were part of the event’s guest. The event received at least 90 invited guest from different backgrounds with a common interest; to witness the quality of the Sennheiser D1 wireless microphone. The guests were greeted by a lady who first gained recognition for her YouTube video “That Crazy Bra Lady” and now an 8TV host for 8TV Quickie. We are talking about the creator of So, I’m Jenn also known as Jenn. With a 4.8k YouTube subscriber base and 20k likes on her Facebook page, the guest cheered and applauded her for being the Emcee that night. The ever so bubbly and entertaining Jenn, invited Mr. Ng Chee Soon, President & Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia for an opening speech. The event continued with a brief D1 wireless microphone introduction and presentation by Mr. Faz Salleh, Senior Consultant of Sennheiser Asia. As the event proceeded, Jenn took the stage together with Neil, the main vocalist of RELENT, in testing out the D1 wireless microphone as the bands prepared their instruments for their performance.

First up on the stage was none other than RELENT. Established with a cause to fight against human trafficking through the movement “Change Your World” since 2009. These gentleman have released multiple originals singles such as “Looking for a Savior” and “Crooked”. The crowd went wild as they performed “Looking For A Savior” the #1 song in Hitz.Fm Malaysian English Top 10 Music (August 2012). We were able to witness D1 working its magic as we hear Neil’s manly voice without distortion. Next on the stage was Jumero with a cool laid-back attitude and attire, they are a hippie beach pop and chill pop genre band. Debuted in the year of 2012 after winning The Star R.AGE open-mic competition, they have numerous originals such as Fantasy Killer which they performed during the event. “It was amazing, the music was perfect”, commented one of the guest as Jumero performed “Dancing with the star” their original on stage. Last but not least, Daniel Wong from Wanted Symphony that debuted since 2010 took the stage with his solo originals such as “Hold On”, this brought the crowd singing along in unison.

As the event ended, we took the opportunity to interview the bands on the microphone performance and their resolution for 2016. Jumero’s Jared Lim commented on the D1 “It is pretty easy to use even if you’re not tech savvy. You can just use the EQ from the receiver, which is pretty cool and if you’re travelling it is pretty convenient.” As for their 2016 plan, Jared commented that “we have new materials on the way and we would like to thank our fans for supporting us throughout the years.” RELENT members commented on the D1 “One thing that I like about the D1 is the ability to scalp your tone through the microphone and it is convenient with just a click of a button it pairs with the receiver. Another thing would be the De-esser, it compresses the high frequency. If I sing with a lot of “ss” it reduces that sound to make it more pleasant to the ear which I really like. As for 2016 resolution we are back, and we think we would want to play in events that is convenient for the fans, and one thing to look forward to is our EP” commented Neil, lead vocalist of RELENT. Daniel Wong from Wanted Symphony commented on the overall evolution wireless D1 microphone, “My views on the D1 wireless microphone, it is a very practical microphone for a vocalist. It is very easy just plug in the power supply and it is automatically paired. This is a very unique feature. You can also fully customize your setting on the receiver without having to go to the mixer which is really a good point at least for me. As for performance wise, it is a great stage microphone as it is able to capture the low and the high frequency very well. Most mics for the lows and the highs, when you go really low or really high either it swallow up the frequency or it scatters it everywhere, that’s what I feel for the Sennheiser D1. It manages to capture everything very well. As a vocalist you’re concern about how you sound on a particular microphone. With the D1 I feel great. It has the clarity and projection. As for the New Year I wishes all my fans a great year ahead and thank you for always there.”

In addition, we had the opportunity to interview Jenn on the overall event, microphone performance and her future plans. “I have a very thin voice, for me I tried the D1 twice during the event, what I like about it, is that it cancels my sharp thin voice. During my performance, I noticed that it balance my voice out. What I felt great about the event is that I get to learn about the product knowledge from Mr. Faz. I like the fact that the event was casual and how chilled Mr. Ng was about the event. It was a great experience to witness such an event. I enjoyed the performance from the bands as well.” As for her 2016 plans and career “I, am personally going full on YouTube this year and also recording my single. And my plan is to tell the crowd that I’m not just that crazy “Cina cina” girl. I believe that different people have different facets. I tend to show this “cina” side of me but that there is deep side of me that I show in my other band “KissKillMary”. Songs that I wrote for the band are very deep and dark. As for So, I’m Jenn my own stuff, I’m working on my latest single “Apple Pie” the song is about two people from different age groups trying to be together”

Overall the event was a great exposure to Sennheiser evolution D1 wireless microphone and Sennheiser range of microphone products. “It is very vibrant and exciting to have such an event” commented Mr. Ng Chee Soon “It is definitely something I enjoy coming to and getting to know the vibrant and exciting crowd,” continued Mr. Ng Chee Soon. Additionally Ms. Kimberly Luo, Senior Marketing Executive of Sennheiser Asia mentioned that the event was a great eye opener for the guest. “We hope to have more of these events, as we were able to engage with the musicians and the community,” mentioned Kimberly. The event had very positive feedback from various guests “Great event, the sound were awesome and wonderful people” from Adrian, Drummer from KissKillMary. “The event was amazing, the sound was perfect, the D1 is really impressive” responded Josh, Son of a policeman (SOAP) lead vocal. With wide smile and a goodie bag in their hands, the crowd left in a positive note.