Sennheiser Product Training Held in Malaysia

Sennheiser Product Training Held in Malaysia

Malaysia – As part of the continuous Sennheiser Product Training programme, the first session was conducted on 17 June 2015 at the headquarter of Acoustic & Lighting System. The seminar was led by Mr. William Chew, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the microphone segment.

The seminar successfully captured close to 30 participants. The main topics covered include the Antenna and Microphone Technology, Frequency Management and Wireless Monitoring. Participants were given insights on the fundamentals of wireless microphone components, RF transmitters & receivers, Antennas and accessories, and selection of frequencies. They were then briefed on the comparison of antennas range and transmission security, handling of antenna systems, multichannel systems set up, and handling of interference. The session also shared on the operation of wireless monitoring system, and participants were given the opportunity to be hands-on with the products.

According to Mr. William Chew, the presenter of the seminar, “We were so overwhelmed with the turnouts today. It’s good to know that our participants are appreciative of such training opportunities, a good start to more of our upcoming training sessions.”

One of the guests also shared “A very informative event organized. This seminar was really good and the speaker has done a great job. Thank you and looking forward to the next event.”

Sennheiser Products Showcased:

  • XSW Series
  • EW 100 G3
  • EW D1
  • EW300 IEM G3
  • ASA 1 Antenna System
  • AC3 Antenna System
  • E900 Series
  • Wireless Systems Manager