Sound Haven – Calvary Life Assembly

Malaysia – Often dubbed as one of the biggest church in Malacca, the Calvary Life Assembly is truly a sanctuary of serenity and tranquility. Hidden away from the main road of Ayer Keroh, this church offers not only a place for worshiping, but also a place for one to seek a peace of mind. Established 26 years ago by Pastor Kevin Gan, this church has since grown to become one of the biggest in the state of Malacca.

When met, Mr. Wilson Tan, the AV Coordinator of Calvary Life Assembly, was in a joyous mood. He enthusiastically spoke about the operations and also the AV aspects of the church. “I’ve work here for around seven years. Before this, the sound system used was really below our expectations. It was lacking in clarity and the not powerful enough to support our capacity. The “turning point” came when Senior Pastor James Krishnan attended the RCF Seminar. He was really impressed with the sound quality and the rest is history”

Installed in the main hall of the church, this RCF system consists of 6 units of RCF NX L-23A (In the form of two line array), 2 units of RCF S-21A subwoofer and 1 unit of RCF DX 4008. One of the biggest challenges faced during the installation process is the lack of support for the iron bar. “We have to literally drill and break down the plaster ceiling to install the iron bar to support the line array. But at the end of the day, I guess it was all worth it. Seeing how the guests enjoy the sound quality is my biggest satisfaction. They really like the voice clarity and sound reproduction”

Apart from that, Tan also likes the versatility of the system. “So far there have been no major problems occurring. The system works fine even when we paired it up with our own mixer. Although the mixer is a bit old (10 years of operations), RCF can still perform exceptionally well. Truly impressive!”

“In a nutshell, I am quite impressed with the whole system. The built-in amplifiers are very powerful indeed. I’m amazed at the amount of pressure it can sustain. Compared to the previous systems, RCF is truly one of the best we’ve ever had”

Although product quality is important, Tan didn’t expect anything less in the aspects of service and after-sales support. On these aspects, Tan has nothing but positive feedback to say about Acoustic & Lighting System’s service quality. “Mr. Joshua gave us sufficient support and top-notch service quality. I’m happy that enough training and supports are given to us. Plus, I’m very impressed with Mr. Azlan as well. He was there when we needed him. Now that’s what I called a good quality service!”

In this homely place of faith, a good sound system may just be the right element to deliver the right message and words of faith to the crowd.

Equipments supplied:

* 6 units of RCF NX L-23A
* 2 units of RCF S-21A
* 1 unit of RCF DX 4008