SoundStruck: Live Nov 2015

SoundStruck: Live Nov 2015

We know SoundStruck: Live October had ended a month back, yet we could recall the performances and harmonic voices just like yesterday. Like a catchy music that loops inside your head over and over again. You tell yourself to stop singing that particular chorus yet it failed a million times. Just as I was about to shout “Yes it’s out of my head” here I am, standing in front of The Bees, Jaya One for SoundStruck: Live November edition. “Boy I am so not getting out of this loop for another month or so” I said to myself.

Acoustic equipment bits by bits unloaded off from our vehicles as we entered the café, a scene that is no longer uncommon to us. On 27thNovember 2015, Wanted Symphony partnered with Acoustic & Lighting System (“A&L”) and Musicianscube continued their once a month music event. SoundStruck: Live a platform organized by Wanted Symphony caters for local talents that are interested in showcasing and performing their talents to the public. After experiencing the previous SoundStruck: Live together with A&L, I definitely felt the event showcased many potential local talents.

Similar to the previous SoundStruck: Live, two Alto TrueSonic 10” active loudspeakers were used to punch and throw music throughout the café. “After testing out the TrueSonic 10” in the previous month event. I was certain that we will be using this series again” Responded Nasir, A&L’s Sound and Lighting technician as I questioned him on the setup. “If you noticed we have removed the 15” TrueSonic Subwoofer for this month event, we felt it wasn’t necessary as the 10” speakers were more than enough for acoustic sets in this medium size space café.” continued Nasir. Additionally, two Alto SX Series SXM112A were used for monitoring sound. The SXM112A were used as a monitor speaker for musicians and vocalist. Small in size and easy to install, these are great fit for small medium size venues such as The Bee in Jaya One. As for the microphones used in the event, the Sennheiser EW-D1-845S and Sennheiser E845S were used for vocal while E602-II, E604 and E914 were used for the talents instruments. The D1 and E845S, well recognized for the ability to capture vocal without much distortion proved its capabilities that day as we were able to listen to the vocals by performers without much distortion. “Sennheiser is definitely the first choice we would use in such events. The clarity and sound reproduction from these microphones were excellent in the previous event. Additionally, these microphones have the capability in picking up a large range of frequencies.” Stated Nasir. As for mixer, Alto Live 1202 was used in the event. The 12 channel/2 bus mixer comes with 100 Alesis DSP effects and 7 XLR inputs with DNA™ mic preamps suitable for the venue.

Aside from the quality equipment, one will be amazed with the event’s performers. SoundStruck: Live November 2015 performers were no other than Darien Foo, Corey Su, Red Panda Parade, Natasha Yap, Daniel Wong from Wanted Symphony, Aimee Choon and The Insomniacks. The event saw a large crowd of music enthusiast and friends who were there to cheer and support the performers. Darien Foo who had join a couple of SoundStruck edition was no stranger to the stage and the event. That night Darien and his bubbly personality cheered up the crowd as he performed his set of covers such as I Don’t Trust Myself by John Mayer and his original “This is my direction”. Up next we got Corey Su a Canadian with voice that would make many fall for him. Corey started singing at the age of six, since then he enjoys singing soul, blues and emotional genre of music. That night we managed to hear various cover and originals that satisfied our ears.  As the night proceeded, Red Panda Parade, provided the crowd with a dash of rock/punk genre to the event. The band consisted of lead vocal Azliyana also known as Red Panda, Ilham bassist and Ken Yue with the drums. They performed covers such as Basket Case by Green Day and their original “Blue Ticks”. Inspired by Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, Natasha Yap took the stage next. Natasha, who gained much recognition from various gigs and events such as Publika Live 2014 brought The Bee to a softer and mellow atmosphere with songs such as Bright by Echosmith and her first original “If You Would”. Daniel Wong lead vocal of Wanted Symphony was next to be on stage. Being a passionate and determine person, Daniel brought the stage and crowd alive with his originals and a cover of Uncle Kraker – Follow me. His moves and expression showed us his true passion and love for his music and the music industry in Malaysia. Aimee Choon all the way from Penang showed us when there is passion and determination, one would go all out to reach their dreams and goals. Aimee Choon who had previously performed with indie acts such as “The Stage” and “Exotic Birds Festival” wooed the crowd with her lovely voice that night. Aimee who is into the genre of folk and a wide range of music, armed with her guitar sang covers such as Honey Bee by Zee Avi, These Streets by Paolo Nutini and Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men which got the crowd to sing along. Last but not least, The Insomniacks sprinkled “caffeine” on the audience that night as their performance kept us awake and wanting more. Covers such as Umbrella by Rihanna and Crazier by Taylor Swift were some of the acts that they performed for us that night.

The crowd love it, the performers enjoyed it and I am happy for another period of amazing songs looping in my head which I feel it is an experience worth experiencing. That night performance brought me in understanding the music industry to a whole new level. As the night ended, I got the chance in interviewing some of the talents regarding on the equipments. Says Darien “There was a big change, I can actually hear myself on stage compared to the previous sessions, As for the microphone, I was satisfied with the wired microphone, though I yet to try out the D1 microphone.” As for Corey, he responded “the reverb was perfect, you know certain microphone when you yell in it and you start hearing something else it lingers and comes distort, but tonight’s microphone has none of that, that’s the highlight for me great reproduction of music. I think the equipment really help.” Additionally Aimee Choon and the Insomniacks praised the quality of the microphone as it was able to pick up their range of vocals. Overall SoundStruck: Live Nov 2015 was a splendid event with the hopes to hear more talented and local talents to perform in future editions of SoundStruck: Live. Join Wanted Symphony and A&L in supporting our local talents.