The Epitome of Good Raw Music: @live Kuala Lumpur

Picture this – Sweat dripping from the performers’ foreheads, the crowd going wild with their own rendition of rousing chants, spotlights dancing before your eyes like a school of excited pixies, and you put your hands up and close your eyes, letting the moment and euphoric sensation seep into your mind, deeper into your own sanctuary of ecstasy.  No, I’m talking about a rock concert here, though technically, @live Kuala Lumpur – the place where the euphoric scene before this unfolds – is as much as a concert as it can be, minus the mosh pits.

Located between the iconic Low Yat Plaza and Federal Hotel, @live stood out from the entertainment district of Bukit Bintang with its large bold billboards, edgy decorations and the unexplainable magnetic attraction of its faint thumping music. It is a common sight outside of @live every night: a long line of excited patrons queuing patiently for their turn to get inside the joint. During the weekend, the place will be packed to the brim with as many as 2000 patrons inside the Main Club section. With that amount of people, it’s hard not to label @live as a mini summer concert.

There are three different sections to @live, namely the Alfresco Bar, the Main Club and the Mezzanine Floor. Located on the Ground Floor, the Alfresco Bar is a contemporary chill-out bar fused with Asian influence in its design and decorations. In this area, 4 units of Flepcher FLP-FS860B fashion speaker and 1 FLP-EA900 amplifier are installed to provide a lively beat to accompany the upbeat tempo of the night. These Flepcher systems are sponsored by Acoustic & Lighting System. The Main Club section is a large vast space with two bar sections on both side and a grand performing stage in the middle of it. Tables and chairs are laid out in front of the stage area for crowds to mingle over good drink and live kicking music. Perching proudly on the truss on the stage are 6 units of L-Acoustics ARCS loudspeaker, while 6 units of L-Acoustics SB-18 subwoofer are also positioned inside the coves under the stage. 12 units of PR Lighting XL-575 moving head and 8 units of XL Beam 300 moving heads are also spotted on top of the dance floor to provide effects and dazzling dream-like atmosphere to enchant the crowds. RCF Art 410-A and RCF Art 415-A full range speaker are positioned strategically around the corners of the Main Club to strengthen and enhance the dynamic of the sound system.

One can also find comprehensive sets of Sennheiser microphone system on the stage. This includes 4 units of EW145 G3 vocal handheld microphone, 4 units of E614 instrument microphone, 4 units of EW 152 G3 vocal headset wireless microphone and 7 pieces of drum kit microphone set. All Sennheiser systems are courtesy of Sennheiser Asia in part of a collaborative effort between Sennheiser Asia and @live KL, making this the first Sennheiser Asia official equipment reference site in Malaysia. The Mezzanine Floor is an exclusive floor overlooking the stage of Main Club and it is usually reserved as a spot for VVIPs. RCF Art 410-A and RCF Art 415-A full range speaker can also be seen here as well

According to General Manager, Mr Kenni Koh, “In @live, we want the crowd to feel the true raw energy of a performance. Our band, All Star, plays a variety of music that includes Korean tunes, Top 40 hits and Chinese songs – both classic and current. We want to provide a memorable live experience to our patrons – everyday. That’s what sets @live apart!”

He further commented on the systems installed, “Well, to deliver a rocking performance, we need a set of system that can support the capacity and the requirements of the performances. We trust Spectrum Sound Works Entertainment to install these systems for us. I really like how reliable Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone system can be. Although it is a wireless system, there’s hardly any interference to the signal. Performers can bounce and move all they want, but Sennheiser can maintain a consistently clear sound throughout the whole performance. Not only does it give complete mobility and freedom to our performers, it is also really clear in terms of sound quality. But what really amazes me is its “sound capturing” sensitivity. It is so sensitive, even our band was quite surprised by this. It is also great to have Sennheiser on board to support us with the microphone systems. We look forward to a successful partnership with Sennheiser.”

As the Project Partner with Acoustic & Lighting System for this prestigious project, Spectrum Sound Works proposed and completed this job in less than three months. Mr. Roy Mukiah, the Project Director is very excited and honored to be a part of this project. “@live is a prominent spot and a recognizable brand name in the nightlife industry of Kuala Lumpur. For this installation, extra care and diligence were given to make sure 110% efforts and results were delivered to them. During the installation of the main L-Acoustics system above the stage, we faced the difficulty of fitting the system in a narrow space bordered by the air-conditioning duct and a large beam. At that point, my team had to come out with a new strategy on the spot to overcome this matter. Problems similar to this are fairly common in the installation stage. What matters most is finding a solution quick enough to avoid delaying the whole project. And that’s exactly what we did”

“@live was quite precise and adamant on their choices of sound system. Their philosophy is simple: A club is nothing without a powerful and reliable sound system. Crowds want to be blown away by the music and sound – plus they are dealing with live rocking music there, that’s why an impactful sound system is a must. In all way possible, L-Acoustics is the perfect system for them. They decided to go with L-Acoustics ARCS system as they really liked the sound of the speakers”

He further commented, “In the Termination stage, we need to ensure everything is working the way they expected to be. No mistake is permitted and there’s certainly no room for errors. For this meticulous stage, Mr. Brian Lourdes supervised and did all the key parts personally himself. And I got to hand it to him – he delivers excellent result to me every single time”

Screaming crowd and hard rocking performances are definitely a part of @live’s culture now. Compounded by sets of excellent sound, microphone, and lighting system, @live has nothing to worry about when it comes to delivering the best live performances to the crowd.

And as long as there’s good music, there will be @live.

Systems installed:


6 units of L-Acoustics ARCS loudspeaker

6 units of L-Acoustics SB-18 subwoofer

2 units of L-Acoustics LA LA-8 amplifier

3 units of L-Acoustics LA-Bump 3

4 units of L-Acoustics ARCOUPLX2

2 units of L-Acoustics LA-Liftbar


4 units of EW145 G3 E vocal handheld wireless microphone system

4 units of EW152 G3 E vocal headset wireless microphone system

12 units of SEMS-3000 microphone stands

4 units of E835S vocal handheld wired microphone

4 units of E614 instrumental microphone

3 units of HD280 PRO headphone

2 units of Senn-ASA 1 active antenna splitter

2 units of Senn-NT1-1 power supply

2 units of Senn-A2003-UHF passive directional antenna

1 unit of GA3 rack mount kit

1 unit of E-902 dynamic cardiod – Kick Drum

4 units of E-904 dynamic cardiod – Snare / Toms

2 units of E-914 dynamic cardiod – Overhead


10 units of Art 410 A full system range speaker

2 units of TT08A full range speaker

8 units of Art 415-A full range speaker

PR Lighting

12 units of XL-575 moving head

8 units of XL-Beam 300 moving head


1 unit of HZ-500 haze machine

1 unit of Z-1020 smoke machine

AML LED Pars & SOUNDKING Truss System