The Music Run 2016 Singapore – Titan Music Productions

The Music Run 2016 Singapore – Titan Music Productions

23 April 2016, Sentosa, Singapore – One of the most anticipated runs in Singapore, The Music Run combines music and sports in one fun event. Organized by AIA, the event drew wide attention from music and sport enthusiasts around Singapore. The Music Run was designed to encourage participants to live a healthy life with the help of music as a source of motivation. Furthermore, organizers engaged with the participants by giving them the privilege to vote for the songs that will be played at the event.

Known as a music sport event, the organizers placed emphasis to the stage, sound and lighting equipment. Singapore’s Titans Music Productions (TMP) took the responsibility of providing the best equipment for the event. TMP, a company that has been in the professional AV industry since 1993 has been involved in providing their services to a wide variety of clients in Singapore.

With multiple checkpoints throughout the run, participants were exposed to different music genres in each segment of the 5km run. The main attraction at the finish line was the main stage. One of TMP biggest tasks during installation of the main stage was the hoisting of the truss system. In order to hoist up the truss that carries a good amount of line array speakers and lighting fixtures, TMP used a total of at least 10 units of 1 Ton Chain Hoist Stagemaker SR10 Double Brake to hoist up their truss system. “It was definitely a challenging moment during our setup. We needed a hoist system that was capable of hoisting up that amount of weight. The 1 Ton Chain Hoist Stagemaker SR10 was definitely the right choice in hoisting up our truss,” mentioned Taufiq, TMP’s owner. “The hoist look hardy as well as sexy with its retractable handle bars and rubberised corners. Definitely an eye candy from a far. You would be able to recognise it from a distance. I believe it is one of the quietest hoist around as it did not create much noise as it was lifting the truss systems. The working of it was smooth and clean, something I could rely on. Sometimes it’s even worrying because you may not even realise that the hoist is actually working,” continued Taufiq.

Aside from the hoist system, the high quality L-Acoustic professional speakers were used in The Music Run 2016. 16 units of L-Acoustic Kudos, 10 units of L-Acoustic SB28 Sub Bass, 4 units of L-Acoustic Arcs Full Range speaker were used as Front Fill and 8 units of L-Acoustic MTDs Full Range speakers were used as monitors at the main stage and key areas. These speakers were able to cover the key areas of the event bringing hype to the participants during their run. As for the lighting fixtures that evening, TMP used 36 units of Clair Lighting M280 moving head, 12 units of Clay Paky Alpha Wash 700, 12 units of Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700 moving head as the main lighting product to light up the event.

Overall the event was a significant success for TMP and AIA as the turn up rate was great and they received positive feedbacks.