The Opulent Sound of Shanghai

The Opulent Sound of Shanghai

MALAYSIA – on the 22nd of August 2015, around 8.15 P.M a huge crowd of music enthusiast gathered outside of Bentley’s Auditorium. A particular evening to witness a performance that will bring out the “Pearl” at Mutiara Damansara. “The Opulent Sound of Shanghai” that hit Ipoh last year, organized by Pop Pop Music is back once again to charm the audience. Known as one of the top corporate entertainment players, Pop Pop Music is a well-recognized local talent house and record label that emphasized on live performances and excellent quality sound system. Leslie Loh CEO of Pop Pop Music commented that “I’m very particular when it comes to selecting the right sound system”. Leslie also shared that one of his company objectives is to promote live sound performances in Malaysia as there are not many live performances here. “You can’t compared live performance audio to a recorded audio in a compact disc” said Leslie.

We hardly saw any empty seats as audiences started to fill up the pews in the auditorium as soon as the door was opened. As we wait patiently for the show to start, the cozy and classy auditorium equipped with moving LED light heads got the audiences immersed into a Grand Shanghai era. The pearls of the night were none other than Janet Lee, May Mow, Tay Cher Siang and WVC Band. As the lightings around the auditorium began to dim, the spotlight focused on 5 young gentlemen on stage as they play their instruments. The crowd applauded excitedly as Janet Lee enters the stage to provide an opening speech before proceeding to serenade us with her lovely voice. Throughout the evening, Janet and May displayed world-class performances with their harmonious vocals. Acoustic & Lighting System had the honor in sponsoring these two fine ladies with Sennheiser wireless microphones. With Sennheiser EW 500 wireless microphone, both Janet and May were able dance and sing unrestrictedly to their carefully selected songs, charming the crowd with their beautiful vocals that were captured in clarity. The Sennheiser E914 a recording instrument microphone was used to capture the acoustic sound of the grand piano played by Tay Cher Siang.

As the night came to an end, Janet and May sang their last song “New York”, bringing back all the performers back on stage. It was a great show, highly entertaining with world-class performances by not only Janet and May but also the WVC band inclusive of talented pianist Tay Cher Siang. That night Leslie smiled from cheek to cheek as he entertained his honorable audiences. “It was great. I’m particular in selecting the right sound system and tonight has met my expectation”. When we asked him regarding collaboration and future plans with A&L, Leslie indicated his interests and faith in our products “Sure, I only want good quality equipment”.  Janet Lee also shared that she was happy with the microphone performance. Additionally, we were able to grab our opportunity to speak with May Mow who was swarm by her fans. She shared that the Sennheiser mic was excellent when we asked about the microphone performance. We hope that Pop Pop Music would continue to living up their objective in providing live performances in Malaysia and spreading the love of local talents.

Equipment Loan:

Sennheiser EW500 965D
Sennheiser EW500 945D
Sennheiser ASA1
Sennheiser E914
Sennheiser A2003-UHF