The Sound of Wisdom: Pusat Islam Kuala Lumpur

Pusat Islam Malaysia may just be another governmental building. But beneath its presumed functionality and role, this building is a little gem of aesthetic beauty in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Heavily influenced by its Islamic roots, the building is suitably adorned with various Middle-Eastern inspired motifs, to exude a sense of refined and sophisticated ambience within every corner of its parameter. Located next to the historic Keretapi Tanah Melayu building and the breathtaking National Mosque, the majestic Pusat Islam is still able to hold it against its own when it comes to architectural beauty.

Officially opened in 1983, this building is erected as a central hub for everything Islam related. In other words, this building serves as an organization to take care of the welfare of Islam devotees and other current issues related to the growth and development of Islam in this present time and setting.

“As you can see, this building serves as a very important landmark in the development of Islamic related issues in the country. Thus, it is of utmost importance to ensure the operations side is well maintained and supported. For that, we must give credit to RCF sound system for making it possible for us to attain a satisfactory status in the technical aspect of the building,” exclaimed Encik Mohd Tarikh B. Ramli.

As the building’s Penolong Jurutera (Elektrik), Tarikh’s responsibility is significantly important. “So far, I have nothing but praise for RCF’s quality and performance. It is the exact sound system we have envisioned in our minds. We are very pleased with the fact that RCF can perform supremely well in a huge and grand hall like Dewan Muktamar. It is truly a dependable system,” continued Tarikh enthusiastically.

Dewan Muktamar is one of the major halls under the umbrella of relating blocks in Pusat Islam. Flexible and versatile, this hall had been used for various functions and important events. Some of the pivotal events held in this hall are the Prime Minister’s Speech and the recent Astro’s Imam Muda program.

When probed about the functionality and user-friendliness of the system, Tarikh answered: “Initially we find the system a little confusing for our liking. But with enough support, trainings and hands-on experience, we quickly overcame these initial difficulties. Now, operating and mixing the sound system is a breeze to us all”

With RCF as our main sound system in Dewan Muktamar, we have a good feeling that its crystal clear sound will reverberate in positive tones for many years to come.

Equipments supplied:

2 units of RCF DX-4008 digital signal processor

10 units of RCF NX-L23A active 2 way line array module

2 units of RCF NX-S21A Active Subwoofer

3 units of RCF C5212-W 2 way loudspeaker

2 units of RCF ART 315-A active stage monitor loudspeaker

2 units of RCF HC 2000 dual channel power amplifier

2 units of Sennheiser EW135G2 wireless handheld microphone

4 units of Sennheiser E825S dynamic handheld vocal microphone

4 units of SEMS3000 floor stand

2 units of RCF FLY BAR NXL-23 mounting bracket