twentyone tables+terrace: A Delicious Combination of Sight & Sound

Tucked comfortably inside the prestigious Bangsar Shopping Centre, twentyone tables+terrace has more than just a catchy name to capture the heart of diners there. With a view-to-die for, sleek futuristic design and great technical support; twentyone had to be the place to see and to be seen. With a mix of different opposing combination, twentyone had managed to find a delicious compromise and create a hybrid of homely warm ambience with a funky in-your-face attitude.

One of the most prominent features of this restaurant is its cleverly placed perimeter glass wall. Sitting inside this lavish restaurant, patrons can savor the view of beautiful KL sky line; a view made up of lushly greens fauna peppered with trendy residential in the backdrop of a soothing curtain of sky blue Kuala Lumpur skyline. Inside the restaurant, one can observe a theme of neutrality – gray, black and white – with a befitting hint of glossy panels and mirrors everywhere. Located in front of the bar area and adjacent to the DJ booth, a square and eye-catching fountain is placed to create a clever focal point to this restaurant.

To sum it all up, twentyone can best be described by the phrase, “sleek by design & seductive by nature” In the words of Tricia, the Outlet Manager of twentyone, “That phrase practically summed up a vision learned, dreamed of pursued by the owners Richard & Dan. Bringing together the elements of modern, funky, warm, and inviting; twentyone was born. It is our mission to create flowing spaces & emotions from dining to dancing and everything in between!

Therefore it is important to maintain a balance between the overall sleek designs with a crucial technical sound support to realize our vision. It is through RCF that we can set a path to develop a funky ambience and clear sound to generate the right ambience to set the appropriate mood. We worked closely with Mr. Irwin – the system installer – and he was the one that suggested that we select RCF. He listened to our needs closely and has always been willing to help,” Tricia explained thoroughly.

“Honestly, in my own opinion, I find that RCF is highly reliable and effective. It definitely embodies the kind of system we had in mind. The sound is fantastic and we couldn’t love it more. In here, we need to play both soothing well-defined music and heavy thumping up-tempo beats. Not many systems can get the best of these two worlds, but I am very glad that RCF excelled in both dimensions,” emphasized Tricia while showing me the aforementioned sound systems.

RCF is also highly appreciated by the DJs and patrons as well. “We always receive good feedback – all our DJs always commend on how good our sound is. Most people who visit us – especially from the entertainment industry – would always notice our sound system. Personally, I have been to many bars and restaurants, but I find their sound system incomparable to ours. This just shows that every aspects of a premise are integral in customer’s eyes. Or in this case, the ears,” said Tricia with a hearty laugh.

Ironically, in this minimalist-themed restaurant, there is definitely no “minimal” capability when it comes to its sound system. It is only in twentyone, that one can find these unique but satisfying combinations.

Equipments supplied:

4 units of RCF C-3108 Tops
2 units of RCF S-8015 Subs
3 unit of RCF RC-62 Remote/Control
1 unit of RCF System Ambiente
2 units of RCF Monitor 55W
5 units of RCF MQ 50C ceiling speakers
1 unit of RCF PL80A-C
1 unit of RCF RC