Understated Experience: Karma Bar & Lounge, Cyberview Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

Understated Experience: Karma Bar & Lounge, Cyberview Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

Indulge yourself with a dash of serenity in this tucked away club in Cyberjaya. Almost like a very well-kept secret, this club is located – albeit elusively – inside the lushly green and picture perfect Cyberjaya Resorts & Spa. Adorned and decorated with the theme of chic, modern and laid-back Bali concept in mind, it is one of the clubs with an outdoor seating that caters to patrons who list relaxing lounge, fresh air, good night view and superb music in their night-out mental checklist.

Jointly secured and installed by Acoustic & Lighting System and Spectrum Sound Works Entertainment, RCF sound system can be seen in various part of Karma Lounge. From the main entrance, an RCF ART-315A can be seen overlooking the outdoor recline seating area dutifully to envelope patrons with its sharp clarity and impactful sound. Inside the main area, four RCF NXL-23A line array modules are standing guard to provide the same duty. In addition, if you were to look to top at the ceiling area, you would notice four PR XS250 moving head spots perching proudly to provide lively effects and colorful ambience to dazzle the crowd away.

In the porch area at the back of the club, three RCF ART-315A were spotted. In this porch area, tables and chairs are laid out for patrons to have a good chat and mingle around over an exquisitely sumptuous meal. For those with a taste for quiet and romantic night, there’s always the outdoor reclining padded sofa where they can lie down to take in the glittering stars and moon on the pitch black night canvas above them.

According to Mr Roy Mukiah from Spectrum Sound Works, “There’s always something fascinating and refreshing about a club with good and relevant ambience. It is the combination of the lighting, sound, food, decoration and service that make up this little thing called ambience. In Karma, they are trying to reach out to the crowd who enjoys fashionable dining, good music, exquisite food and vibrant distinctive ambiance. From our side, we need to ensure the sound systems are impactful, clear and memorable to create and reinforce the image of the club. We trust RCF to do a great job for this club”

For lighting system, “It wasn’t easy to create a good lighting atmosphere in the club. The main point is to balance and complement the whole ambiance. Of course it doesn’t hurt that PR Lighting has a fast, quiet and reliable performance. So evidently, you can see a really suitable lighting system for Karma”

For a whole new clubbing experience, do pay Karma Lounge a visit. Open your eyes to new ambience and your ears to some really good kicking music.

Equipments installed:


4 units of NXL-23A active two way line array module

2 units of NX S-25A double 15” 1000W active sub

4 units of ART315A 15” 400W active monitor speaker

PR Lighting

4 units of PR XS250 moving head spot


2 units of Alto 31 stereo system EQ

1 unit of Alto 6-output digital processor

1 unit of Alto link 8-channel splitter mixer


1 unit of EW1000 G3 wireless handheld

1 unit of Sennheiser wired microphone with stand


1 unit of Mackie CFX20 MK2 20-channel mixer

1 unit of HYC 16U equipment mounting & storage cabinet

1 unit of Rane TTM57 DJ Pro Mixer

2 units of Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 CD Mixer

1 unit of Pioneer DVD Player

2 units of DJ Booth Gooseneck Light

2 units of LAX Platinum 8-A, active full-range DJ monitor

1 unit of Sanyo PLC-XW250 projector

1 unit of GVFA M6’x8’ + RC projection screen

1 unit of Panasonic Plasma 42”

1 unit of Compulite Rave 512×2 DMX Lighting Controller