Voice of an Angel: Sarah Geronimo

Philippines’ reigning princess of pop, Sarah Geronimo is truly a versatile performer. During the two and a half hour show, she sang, danced and gravitated her way into the heart of all her fans. Singing her signature hit songs like Forever’s Not Enough, Broken Vow, and I’ll Be Alright; she managed to make her angelic voice heard amidst all the cheering and screaming from the manic fans in the stadium. The concert was organized by Time Broadcast Sdn. Bhd. together with its sponsor Celcom. This would be the first of many more concerts to come that will be aimed at the Filipino community in Malaysia.

The concert’s professional sound & lights company, Twosons Audio Sdn Bhd had nothing but praise for Geronimo’s performance. “She is such a gifted performer. With her great voice, success will come to her easily. The audience is clearly mesmerized by her stage presence and mind-blowing performance.”

For the main stage, 12 units of RCF TT33 active speakers were installed in the form of 2 line arrays (6 speakers each) and 6 units of RCF TT Pro Series Active Sub FOH speakers were utilized as well. In addition, 8 RCF SMA-400 Active full range monitors and 2 units of RCF ART 325 series active full range monitor were expended wisely to the full effect of the concert. Lastly, an RCF Art 525 series was also used as a side fill.

In terms of stage lighting, Twosons Audio utilized various brands to illuminate the energetic performance. A total of 8 units of PR 1200 XL moving head were deployed. In addition, 8 units of SS 575 Wash moving heads were installed as well to reinforce the entire stage experience. For lighting controller, the trusty Avolite is used.

Mr. Nicholas from Twosons Audio chose RCF mainly due to its high reliability. “RCF is truly reliable and it is a prominent brand in entertainment audio system. It makes perfect sense to utilize it for an exciting and adrenaline-pumping concert like this. For lighting, PR Lighting has long dazzled me with its flexibility and superb performance!”

Apart from that, the audience truly loved the clear and brilliant sound delivery of the concert. One concert goers proclaimed that the sound system is really impressive. “For a small premise like this, the sound is really decent. Not overtly loud but still capable of lifting up the whole vibe and energy of the performance. It will definitely make you feel like dancing!”

The lighting display didn’t go unnoticed as well. “During the first number, the lighting wash was totally mesmerizing. It was truly a gorgeous and picture-perfect moment. Sarah Geronimo’s performance was great, but it was further enhanced with the remarkable lighting system!”

At the end of the concert, I believed Geronimo’s searing performance and flawless technical stage support system will undoubtedly leave the audience breathless and craving for more.

Equipments supplied:

Sound System
12 units of RCF TT33 Series Active Line array FOH Speakers
6 units of RCF TT Pro Series Active Sub FOH Speakers double
8 units of RCF SMA-400 Active Full range Monitor Speakers
2 units of RCF ART 325 series Active Full range Monitor speaker
RCF Art 525 series as sidefield
2 units of Sennheiser G3 Wireless Mic System
YAMAHA M7 -CL 48 channel Mixer
Yamaha M7-CL 32 channel mixer 1
Pioneer DJ Mixer and pioneer CMX 3000 playback system

Lighting System
60 units of 1000watts Parcan w/color gel/truss on stand
4 sets of Studio Due CS-4 moving aircraft
2 sets of Morflay
8 units of Moving Heads PR 1200 xl light
4 units of Studio Due city color
Two units of 1.2 k followspot
Avolite Lighting controller

One set of 30 x 40 tour truss system c/w four units chain-master hoist