Your Studio Enterprise turn up the beat in Kedah’s Dance Competition

Your Studio Enterprise turn up the beat in Kedah’s Dance Competition

Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia – Kedah’s Primary School Chinese Traditional Dance Competition had their finals in Keat Hwa Secondary School on 28th October 2016. A total of 12 schools participated in the competitions’ finals on that eventful day. The competition saw a great audience turn up who were very supportive for the participants.

As important as the dance performance choreography is, a great sound system is also needed to accompany the performers. That’s where Your Studio Enterprise comes into play. Your Studio Enterprise has been in the sound industry for years. They were given the opportunity to provide the event with their equipment. They have provided their product and services to various venues and events such as St. Regis Langkawi, Butterworth Chinese Temple, Yamaha trainings and many more. Throughout the event, 8 units of HDL 20-A, 7 units of HD 10-A, 2 units of SUB 8006-AS, 2 units of Evox 12, 2 unites of SUB 8003-AS, 2 units of HDL 18-AS, 2 units of ART 312-A and 2 units of TT1. A total of 27 units of RCF speakers were used in the event to create an immersive experience for both audience and performers. “Everyone has their own preference in speakers, as for me I find RCF speakers were able to reproduce sound the way I wanted them to,” commented Mr. Hee, Owner of Your Studio Enterprise. As for the microphones, 10 units of Sennheiser E825s, 2 units of Sennheiser D1-835s wireless microphone and 4 units of Sennheiser 145G3 were used throughout the event. We were given the opportunity to interview with Mr. Hee as both sound crew and dance performers go through their final sound check and rehearsal. Ac

How did it all begin?

It all started with a recording studio back in 2002. I always had the interest in recreating sound that I would want to hear. I would like to emphasize that sound is a grey area, there is no black and white for sound. Everyone has their own preference in sound. I came up with a recording studio with the initial idea in helping customers record their sound pieces. After a couple of years, I decided I should not limit myself to just being a recording studio but as an enterprise that would be able to come out with the sound that I want and enjoy. It was a huge step for me to develop Your Studio Enterprise to what it is today. That’s how it all begin, simple mind set of wanting to tune and configure sounds to my liking.

What are the challenges you face in your company?

We dream big, we visualize big plans but as the saying goes; it is easier said than done. For me there were some truth in that saying, however we also have the saying “Go after your dreams, no matter how unattainable other think it is” for me establishing the company was a big step from just a recording studio to a company that supplies audio visual equipment and services to events and special occasion. One of the challenges that I face or rather most business would face is the pricing factor. I have experience many who were more interested in the pricing rather than the quality of the product or the sound it can produce. To be honest, I would not say I strongly disagree with them. The cheaper the better it is for the company, however we need to take note that the quality of the sound is also important for the audience and the performers. For me I felt it is one of my duty to share my knowledge as a sound engineer on the importance of the equipment used. Different occasion has different sound system setting.

Your preferred equipment?

Currently, I am impressed and satisfied with the sound quality that the RCF speakers can reproduce. As I mention earlier, sound is a grey area and I felt that RCF speakers are able to reproduce the sounds the way I want them to be. I believe the product is on par with the pricing. It is true there are many other speakers out there, maybe greater, but the pricing for RCF is reasonable and the most important point is that the speakers are able to deliver what we want. As for this event, we provided our best RCF line array speakers which I felt was suitable for the large hall. As for the microphone, we used Sennheiser as it is able to capture sound just the way it is. The D1 Series was really impressive not only it was easy to configure, it can also perform well.

Challenges face for this event and your goals for the company?

Configuration and coordinating the sound to suit different group of performers was the challenging part. As there were a total of 12 groups, I needed to configure the sound that was harmonious which I was able to do so. As for my goals, I am planning to enhance my sound system and equipment inventory. Running along with my passion which is to have a perfect sound, I am pleased to have RCF in my company as I really enjoyed their speakers. With plans to get better RCF product, I hope by doing so I am able to send a message out that quality of the sound system is as important as the pricing.

It was definitely a privilege to interview Mr. Hee from Your Studio Enterprise during the event. As the audience cheered the participants, it was certain that the event was a successful event with the fine tune and coordinated sound systems.

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